Awesome / Candi

  • This tropers remembers when Candi realized she was finally over Alex when she told him where to stick it when he was being a Jerk Ass and felt absolutely zero guilt for it. Apparently this troper also wasn't the only one to feel this way as not too long after the artist posted the results of a request to post more picture of an happy Candi post breakup recovery.
  • When Jess calls Linda out on her manipulative and self deluding attitude and refuses to play by her games. The next strip Linda just calls her a bitch, at which Jess agrees with a laugh and returns to her book.
  • Awesome in a different way, but Laura, Jess and Candi taking Katia under her wings to reasonably teach her about boys. Laura's actually giving decent advice, and with Jess and Candi to balance her out, Katia might just manage to learn about boys without getting hurt.
  • Candi telling Alex that she isn't going to rush to his place to console him because the girl he dumped her for dumped him because that would make her as stupid as he is.