!!The comics
* Blade once blew up a S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier worth ninety billion dollars (well before Spider-Man [[VideoGame/SpiderManWebOfShadows did it]]) to clean out vamps.
* His eventual reaction when chained up and expected to "chow down" on an innocent girl:
-->'''Blade:''' Did you know a wolf will bite off its own paw to get out of a trap?
* Blade set off a huge explosion in a building to destroy an enemy. Thing is, Blade was inside too.
-->'''Blade:''' I hurt in places I never knew I had. But it's worth it all to hear you scream!
* From ''Mighty Avengers'': The Deathwalkers, which are snake ninja creatures, have blown up Blade's safe house. He jumped out the burning building and this is their [[http://i.imgur.com/JssXQj5.jpg reaction]]. [[http://i.imgur.com/noRmFlI.png "Daywalker. Deathwalkers. That's gonna get real real fast. Keep it simple. Say my name"]].

!!The movies
* The blood rave in the beginning of the first film is one of the best remembered scenes of the series. Vampires lure unsuspecting humans to an underground rave, then pipe blood through the fire sprinklers and devour the humans... until Blade steps in and slaughters them. The vampires' reaction to Blade's appearance is a major character establishing moment.
** Nothing quite tops his busting up a Vampire rave at the start of the first film. That my friends is how you make an entrance.
** To put this into perspective, Blade on his lonesome, faced against dozens, if not even in excess of a hundred [[IncrediblyLamePun bloodthirsty]] vampires, his mere presence puts so much fear into the crowd that most of them flee in terror.
** One vampire even mutters "Oh Jesus it's Him!"
** To the extent that reviews for the movie are basically say: 'it's okay but it never gets better than its opening scene'
* [[PunctuatedForEmphasis "You. Do Not. Know. Who. You. Are. FUCKING. WITH!"]]
* Right after Blade escapes his bonds during the climax and Quinn attacks him, Blade pulls out a garrote wire from his vest and in one clean motion, swipes Quinn's head off and snatches his trademark shades from it in the air. Simple, but incredibly cool.
* It's a bit too long to be the subject of MemeticMutation, but: "Some motherfucker's always tryin' to ice skate uphill." BAM!
* The first movie's SequelHook:
-->'''Blade''': [in Moscow, speaking Russian] Catch you at a bad time... comrade?

!!Blade The Series
* Detective Brian Boone has just woken up after being turned into a vampire and finds he's trapped in a body bag of very tough plastic that he can't break. How does he escape? He pulls one of his fangs out of his mouth and saws through the bag!
* Detective Collins using himself as live bait for the vamps so Blade can get Charlotte. He even takes out two vamps with a grenade.

* ''Blade'' was the first bona fide success ''ever'' for a theatrically released movie based on a Creator/MarvelComics property, grossing three times its budget and garnering a cult following over the years. Previous attempts were best summed up as outright {{Box Office Bomb}}s like ''Film/HowardTheDuck'' or stinkers that didn't make it to theatrical release like ''Film/{{Captain America|1990}}'' or ''Film/TheFantasticFour''.
** Not only that. It sorta kicked off the Comic Book Movie Renaissance the very year after the {{genre|killer}}-killing ''Film/BatmanAndRobin'' disaster, followed with success by ''Film/XMen1'' and ''Film/SpiderMan'' -- the rest is history.