Or how a series with an UnsympatheticComedyProtagonist steeped in sarcasm and absurdity still manages to have an impressive number of [[SugarWiki/MomentOfAwesome Moments of Awesome]].


[[folder:The Black Adder]]
* An OffscreenMomentOfAwesome that still counts-- Richard IV, trapped inside the gates of Constantinople, manages to dispatch a small army of Turkish warriors armed with scimitars, only with the aid of his trusty fruit-knife.
* Imminent death by burning at the stake, courtesy of the Witchsmeller Pursuivant. No way out!...or is there? One dropped voodoo doll from an unexpected source later, and the Witchsmeller expires spectacularly in a ball of flames, while Edmund, Baldrick and Percy are free!
* The RantInducingSlight at the beginning of the final episode of the series, in which our slimy, pathetic protagonist is finally pushed too far and decides LetsGetDangerous after being stripped of all his titles except Lord of the Privvies--
-->'''Edmund:''' [[BigNo NO!]] ''[[PunctuatedForEmphasis IT! WILL! NOT! DO!]]''
* Edmund, as the Archbishop of Canterbury, tricks a dying nobleman into signing over his lands to the crown instead of the church, by telling him that Hell is for people who like depravities like the nobleman had indulged in in life (incest, adultery, murder etc...) and he would be incredibly bored in Heaven. This is one of the few times Edmund is as scheming and intelligent as his descendants, and is also one of the few times Richard IV shows him genuine respect.
* Edmund almost succeeding in making himself the Prince Regent by proving that his brother Harry is illegitimate. It's only ruined because he accidentally read the date on the letters and realized that HE was the bastard, not Harry. Harry had already agreed to give up his claim to the throne and go into exile -- if Edmund hadn't kept reading, the show would have been two episodes long.
** In that same episode, Edmund tricks his violent Scottish cousin into getting himself killed with a cannon, thereby getting back the lands he promised him.
* Baldrick and Percy managing to stop the Black Seal from murdering the Royal Court and taking over the kingdom. [[spoiler: Slightly negated when Percy's stupidity manages to get the court killed anyway, but at least they saved England!]].

[[folder:Blackadder II]]
* Lord Flashheart's entrance at the end of "Bells".
** Flashheart himself is pretty much a walking, talking (and shagging) CrowningMomentOfAwesome.
* "Bloody cheek! I'll show them!" Blackadder pulls himself out of a HeroicBSOD, saving his own life and extorting a notoriously violent and corrupt priest for everything he's worth.
* The Great Booze-Up monologue, mentioned in the Funny page, is also this. Come on, that's some serious on-the-fly thinking to come up with an explanation that fast, from scratch, and actually make it WORK.
* Edmund and Melchett's double {{Groin Attack}} on their guards in the series two finale.
-->'''Edmund:''' Trust me to get the ''hard'' one!
* When captured in "Chains", Edmund spends the entire time ''[[DeadpanSnarker snarking]]'' at his captors.

[[folder:Blackadder the Third]]
* Edmund Blackadder, Esq. ends up alive, and fully set up to take over the prince's identity. And unlike the one of ''Back & Forth'' mentioned below, he doesn't have the help of a time machine; he's just that good. ([[EpilepticTrees Unless that actually]] ''[[EpilepticTrees was]]'' [[EpilepticTrees how his descendant influenced history.]])
** Similarly, him punching out [[RichIdiotWithNoDayJob Prince]] [[TooDumbToLive George]] in the same episode. It might have been to keep up appearances, but surely Blackadder enjoyed punching out the idiot who made his life such a hell.
*** He also gives him a [[TheReasonYouSuckSpeech The Reason You Suck Speech]] when he wants to back out and George tries to make him keep his word. George has to promise him ''everything'' just to get Blackadder to continue.
* Pitt the Younger unleashes a major comeback insult at Prince George in "Dish and Dishonesty".
-->'''Blackadder''': Mr. Pitt is the Prime Minister, sir.\\
'''Prince George''': Oh go on! Is he? What, young snotty here?\\
'''Pitt the Younger''': I'd rather have a runny nose than a ''runny brain''.
** Sadly, it flies right over George's head.
* Baldrick finally gets to fire back at Edmund's insults, when it appears he has left for good
-->'''Baldrick: '''Goodbye, you lazy, big-nosed, rubber-faced bastard.

[[folder:Blackadder Goes Forth]]
* Flashheart killing the Red Baron.
--> '''Flashheart''': WHAT A POOF!!
** Also later in that episode, Flash chewing out Captain Darling for not bothering to go look for Blackadder after he was captured (his excuse being that it wasn't a "valuable use of [their] time and resources").
--->'''Flashheart''': Well, this isn't a valuable use of my time and resources, but I'm gonna do it anyway.
--->'''Darling''': What?
--->'''Flashheart''': This! ''(headbutts Darling right in the face, knocking him unconscious.)''
** An oft-overlooked one in that episode is Blackadder's first time flying a plane. Despite having had almost no professional training, he manages to fly the plane reasonably well, even despite Baldrick messing around and actually manages a ''successful crash-landing'' (at least it's implied he did).
* Baldrick's rant about the pointlessness of war, especially the one they're in, in the finale of ''Goes Forth''. For once, Blackadder has nothing to say in response.
* Depending on how much of a spineless weasel Darling is, his BreakTheHaughty moment can count.
* The last scene of ''Blackadder Goes Forth'' was a DyingMomentOfAwesome for the entire cast (sans Melchett). In terms of meta, the editors and the BBC earn their own moment of awesome: using the existing crappy-acted footage and slow it down significantly to turn it into one of the most impactful endings in television [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbR9-etyN6I]], and then having the guts to broadcast the episode on Remembrance Sunday with only one complaint. [[note]]The person didn't think it was in bad taste, but that it was too realistic and depressing for a comedy show. [[/note]]

* The future scene from ''Christmas Carol'', if Ebenezer Blackadder became bad.
* Although it backfires on him in the end, the fury of Ebenezer Blackadder unleashes at the end of ''Blackadder's Christmas Carol''.
* The end of ''Back & Forth'', with a Blackadder finally becoming king, as his long-ago ancestor first wanted in series one.
** Not only that, but he's got a beautiful wife, he's adored by the nation, and he rules alone having dissolved Parliament.
*** It actually gets to the point that Edmund's descendants will become rulers of the whole [[PrecisionFStrike fuckin']] universe.
** The last shot of Blackadder: Baldrick giving a conspiratorial wink to the camera, and Blackadder arching his eyebrow.
* [[GeniusDitz Baldrick actually manages to build a working time machine]].