* Edward taking down Moloch & Co in issue #1.

!!Dollar Bill
* During Bill's first mission, he's intensely worried, as he's never been in a real fight, and he, Nite-Owl and Hooded Justice are about to jump in and attack a bunch of armed men robbing one of his banks. Bill looks at his statue in front of the bank, thinking it's mocking him with its heroic nature---right before Justice grabs it, hurls it through the window at the robbers, and charges in, with Nite-Owl behind him. Despite Bill's fear of being killed, he still runs in behind him and uses his football knowledge to tackle and subdue them, while Justice and Nite-Owl beat up their opponents.

!!Dr. Manhattan

* Issue 1
** Hooded Justice's debut: after a bunch of armed crooks kill people in a bank robbery, Justice steps in and takes two down, and picks off the other two when they hide in an abandoned factory. Justice just advances on the final guy while he wets himself. Mason reveals that the robber was thrown from the building, smashed a car, and coated a police officer. Said officer retired the next day.
** Silhouette's debut, leaping down buildings while trying to catch a large man with a carpet. When she gets to him, he's much stronger and she gets beaten and kicked while on the ground. Despite this, Hollis notes that many people [[UnderestimatingBadassery underestimated]] her, allowing her to pull a knife, and simultaneously slash and kick the man, causing him to run.
** Hollis making his own debut as Nite-Owl was also impressive, taking on a moving armored car of machine gun wielding men. He subdues them, but one accidentally shoots the driver, causing the car to careen. He leaps/is thrown off, and tackles a mother and son out of the way, saving them, and wishing the kid, "Merry Christmas."
* Issue 4
** Sally's RoaringRampageOfRevenge [[spoiler:to avenge Ursula's death]], proving herself to be more than just a [[MsFanservice diversion and eye-candy]], but a capable superheroine who can get the job done when she's serious.
** Ursula's call to arms. When she was a lot younger, she and her sister, Blanche, escaped the riots which had killed her parents, and moved into an orphanage with other refugees. Despite the misery and depression, Ursula always sought to keep up Blanche's spirits, making sure she felt safe, all the while Ursula fell in love with the orphanage's chemist, Gretchen. When kids began to go missing, taken to a forbidden room, they sought to escape...until Blanche goes missing. Ursula then, completely calm, goes up to the room's guards, gives them cakes, and then removes one's gun. She shoots them both and runs into the room, to find a hooded man [[spoiler: Rolf Mueler]] having done something to her, [[TakeOurWordforIt as we can only see her head, feet and lots of blood, while her body is obscured.]] Ursula hesitates and the man gets the better of her, right up till Gretchen shoots him, and drags Ursula away from her sister. The two then flee the country.
* Issue 5
** Nelson organizes the Minutemen's [[spoiler: remaining four members']] final mission with Bluecoat and Scout. They try to stop a bunch of Japanese terrorists from blowing up the Statue of Liberty, with Nelson and Justice providing cover, and the rest following his plan. Hollis mentions that "Without a drink in him, Byron took point one last time." Nelson even reveals that he has a sense of humor, with the smoke grenade that he has Mothman drop being full of fireworks, to glorify them and distract their enemy. It also provides a BookEnds to their missions as a team.
** Byron distracts the terrorist leader by opening fire on him, from the torch on Liberty's hand, and killing his guard. the leader shoots Byron, and he falls, down into the ocean, with a tear in his wing. After that (though cushioned) impact, Byron still stayed as a hero.
** Scout manages to save everyone, after Hollis shoots the leader: [[spoiler: Scout's grandpa]]. Scout throws the body onto Hollis to keep him back, while he saves everyone from the bomb [[spoiler: and dies an agonizing radiation death in the next five days because of it.]]

* Moloch pulls a heist, only to be stopped by all the Minutemen, who descend upon him from a blimp and jetpack, subdue his guards, and throw him into prison.

!!Nite Owl


* "''Bitch to be you right now.''"
* Travis Bickle's Cameo. Given he was an influence for Rorschach, that is awesome.

!!Silk Spectre
* After being demeaned by [[AlphaBitch Betsy]], Laurie's feeling low because of her mother's reputation. Betsy speaks of her mother's career in sleazy movies, and flicks some whipped cream onto Laurie's face, saying she sees the resemblance, and further demeaning her. Laurie takes her down in one punch.