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Awesome: Bastard!!
  • Nearly everything DS does could qualify, but the entire fight with Fallen Uriel is unquestionably the greatest so far.

  • Dark Schneider saving Arshes Nei by ripping out his own heart and letting the blood fall on her cursed fingernail, sparing her the fate of being turned into a toad. Just before, he became so enraged at the revelation that she was cursed that he single-handedly nullified both hers and his own Halloween spells. It doubles as Heartwarming as well since it looked as if he truly killed himself to free her, but...

  • How does DS beat a flame elemental? He fires off an even bigger flame spell on top of Ifreet's own spell.
    Ifreet: "How can you summon a flame hotter than the sun!? HOW!?"
    D.S.: "Idiot! I added my power to your Hellion spell!"
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