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Awesome: Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues
  • Ron winning his bet against Jack Lane that he'd receive higher viewer figures despite having an awful news slot, just by (in a rare moment of cunning) giving the US public the sort of news they'd like to hear. The moment when Jack first has to call himself "Jack Lame" is a sweet victory.
  • Brick standing up to his girlfriend's boss when she mistreats her.
  • Brian and Champ standing up for Brick after Ron yells at him. Despite struggling to say something badass, Brian saves the moment by knocking Ron to the ground, before leaving with Champ and Brick.
  • The climactic news brawl is this in addition to being ungodly hilarious.
    • "Ain't a day that will be or has been that we don't have Ron Burgundy's back."
    • The amount of Celebrity Cameos in it was insane.
    • And Ron still making it in time for the end of Walter's recital.
  • "Oh and by the way...Koala Airlines is a shitty airline."
  • The surprise appearance of...WES MANTOOTH, coming to save Ron and his friends from Jack Lame.
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