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Awesome: Alex Verus
  • A meta one. Jim Butcher has been quoted as saying that Harry Dresden would admire the protagonist and be rather scared of him.
  • Luna gets one at the end of the first book when she manages to temporary alter her curse to help Alex overcome the Fateweaver.
  • In Cursed, it is of note that Arachne is friends with a dragon... the size of a mountain range.
  • In the same book, Alex defeats the Villain of the Week by using the gate stone said dragon gave him to gate himself and the villain in front of the dragon, who then punches said villain flat with a fist the size of a skyscraper in a beautiful inversion of Summon Bigger Fish.
  • Alex is generally looked down on for being a diviner. In Hidden, he fights a Life mage. He wins with much guile. Later, that same Life mage stands in his way. Her reaction to realizing whom she is meant to stop?
    Life mage: Nope. Not doing this again. *runs away*
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