Awesome / Aflame Inferno

  • Shi-chan gets one right in the first few moments of becoming half-human, half-Tedlar when he takes out a high-level Tedlar hell-bent on killing Inferno.
    • "Chance of a lifetime."
  • Inferno takes control of Shi-chan's body and we finally get to see what the legendary Tedlar Emperor of the Eastern Hell is capable of. 'She' destroys two mid-level Tedlar in a matter of moments, blinds another and saves the humans who were being tortured by them. All while at only 30% and insanely low on Invento.
    • "I haven't even used all of my strength yet."
  • Gehenna's Calvary moment just before Thanatos takes out Inferno and fights her way out of the TBI building with Shi-chan in tow.
  • Shi-chan finally gets to use the legendary "Flames of Carnage" for the first time. He completely destroys his opponent in one blow.
  • Evil Mastermind Pandemonium gets one for actually defeating Gehenna.