''Pale Cocoon'' is an {{OVA}} anime written by Yasuhiro Yoshiura, who would later go on to make ''Anime/TimeOfEve''.

Ura is mining digital archives of the distant past for information. The world in the future he lives in is one of elevators, glass and shining metal, and that's all he's ever known. When he looks at the old files, he sees and wishes the past's animals and blue sky and growing plants. Their own environment was about to be destroyed, so all of humanity moved. Ura wants to know when this happened in the past. There's one archive file that he's looking for, because he thinks the lost files of their past could define their future in a big way. His coworker, Riko, has become distracted and listless, and he has become increasingly obsessive over his research.


* AfterTheEnd
* ApathyKilledTheCat: No one seems to have much interest in the outside world or the archives [[spoiler:Because of this, people don't realize that they are actually on the moon instead of Earth.]]
* BittersweetEnding
* CyberPunk: The setting is a bleak, metallic, computerized post-apocalyptic society. The subterranean techno-dystopia is a bit reminiscent of ''{{Film/Metropolis}}''.
* DeliberatelyMonochrome: Just about everything but the pictures in the archives and eventually [[spoiler: the beautiful blue Earth.]]
* EarthAllAlong: [[spoiler:Inverted: Everyone thinks they're on a dead Earth, when they're actually on the Moon.]]
* NewEden: [[spoiler:Humans escaped to the Moon to avoid environmental destruction, but somehow lost their written history, and started to believe they were living underneath the destroyed Earth. In the end the protagonist as the first person to go to the upper layers of the colony in centuries sees a blue, pristine Earth up in the sky, implying that the planet was healed long ago, but no-one thought to look. Well, perhaps Riko's grandmother did, but she fell to her death.]]
* SceneryPorn: The portrayal of the vast bleakness of the Archive is gorgeous. Especially applies to the ending, when [[spoiler:Ura sees the sky for the first time.]]
* TechnologyPorn: Most of the short is spent showing what the archives look like in order to give the viewer a feel for how the characters live. [[TropesAreNotBad It's done wonderfully.]]
* TitleDrop: [[spoiler:"Pale Cocoon" is a song and the video Ura's restoring is the accompanying music video.]]