[[caption-width-right:312:Oh, what could have been...]]

The SuperRobot anime ''Mirai Robo Daltanious'' aired in 1979. Although Art Director [[Anime/VoltesV Tadao]] [[Anime/CombattlerV Naga]][[Anime/{{Daimos}} hama]] was on the crew, this show was not part of his famous Robot Romance Trilogy. In fact, this was actually his last work before his death.

In the then far off year of [[{{Zeerust}} 1995]], Earth has been conquered by the evil Zaar race. With all of Earth’s cities reduced to ruins, humans have been living in smaller shantytowns and villages. One day, war orphan [[TheHero Kento]], his friend [[TheLancer Danji]] and a few others stumble on the secret base of one Dr. Earl. Originally from Helios, a planet conquered by the Zaar, Dr. Earl has with him the HumongousMecha Daltanious, composed of the humanoid robot Atlaus, the sentient lion robot Beralios, and the spaceship Gunper. With Kento controlling Atlaus and Danji flying Gunper, Daltanious takes charge against the aliens.


!!This show features Examples of:
%%* AdjectiveNounFred
%%* AfterTheEnd
%%* AlienInvasion
%%* AnimalMecha: Beralios
%%* ArmCannon: Daltanious' Cannon Cubic, Atlaus' Gatling Flasher.
%%* BigBad: Emperor Dolmen
%%* BladeBelowTheShoulder: Atlaus's Shredder Punch.
%%* ByThePowerOfGrayskull: "Cross In!"
* CallOnMe: Beralios always comes to Kento when its name is called, no matter where he is.
%%* CloningBlues: Kloppen is a clone of [[spoiler: Prince Harin]] and Dolmen is a clone of [[spoiler: Emperor Palmillion]]
%%* ChestBlaster: Sigma Beam and Chodenji Eraser
%%* CoolSword: Tran Saber
%%* CombiningMecha: A humanoid robot, a robot lion and a spacecraft.
%%* DancingTheme: The ending theme, "Kento Otokogi."
%%* TheDragon: General Kloppen
* EyeBeams: Beralios is equipped with these.
%%* FinishingMove: Kaen Jimonji Giri and Kaen Attack Kaen Jimonji Giri
%%* HotbloodedSideburns: On Kenta and Danji.
%%* HumanAliens: Dr. Earl and the people of planet Helios.
%%* IdiotHero: Kento
%%* IncendiaryExponent: Full Release
%%* LukeIAmYourFather: [[spoiler:Harin]] is Kento's father.
%%* OnTheNextEpisodeOfCatchPhrase: "Cross In!"
%%* PantheraAwesome: Beralios
%%* {{Robeast}}: The Bemborgs.
%%* RocketPunch: Double Knuckle
%%* SpellMyNameWithAnS: Daltanious, Daltanias, Dartanias, Daltanius...
%%* SuperRobot
%%* TransformationNameAnnouncement: "Daltaaaanious!"