''Meiken Jolie'' (Belle and Sebastian) is an Anime that ran between 1981 and 1982 based on a series of French novels. It was then exported to other countries in Europe and Latin America where it became very popular. It also received a measure of success in North America, with the English dub being an early cartoon series on {{Nickelodeon}}.

It follows the adventures of a boy called Sebastian who lives in the French side of Pyrenees mountain range with his adoptive grandfather, brother and sister, one day he meets an enormous white dog (Appropriately enough, a [[ Great Pyrenees]]) who is being wrongly accused of attacking people and becomes friends with her, he names her Belle and alongside his tiny dog Poochie, decides to cross the Pyrenees into Spain in search for his Gypsy mother. They have many adventures and make many friends on their way while avoiding the authorities hunting for Belle.

Not to be confused with the culty admired indie rock band Music/BelleAndSebastian which also got its name from the books. Or the Disney characters.

!!Provides Examples Of:

* BadCopIncompetentCop: Inspector García and Officer Muñoz respectively.
* BerserkButton / BewareTheNiceOnes: ''Do not'' threaten Sebastian in front of Belle, in the case of humans, most of them cower over her enormous size, and in the case of animals, like a pack of wolves, she truly lives up to her otherwise undeserved nickname "The White Demon".
** That goes for hurting Poochie as well.
* BigFriendlyDog
* [[ABoyAndHisX A Boy And His Dog]]
* CoolClearWater: Subverted in one episode.
* CoolOldGuy: Sebastian's adoptive grandfather, Cecil.
** And Pedro's grandpa.
* FreeRangeChildren
* DisappearedDad / MissingMom: Sebastian and Lena respectively, it is mentioned that Sebastian's father was an Italian who died before he was born, and Lena's mother died at childbirth.
* EvilDetectingDog
* GentleGiant: Belle.
* IllGirl: Lena.
* InspectorJavert: The authorities chasing Belle.
* KickTheDog: Literally,Inspector Garcia loses his patience once and kicks Poochie in anger, prompting Belle to attack him.
* LonelyRichKid: Lena again.
* LondonEnglandSyndrome / NamesTheSame: Sebastian's mother was in the Sierra Nevada mountains in [[ southern Spain]], not [[ the ones in California]]. In case you wonder why he never made it to the ocean.
* MamaBear: Belle acts as one toward Sebastian and Poochie whenever they are in danger. Sebastian's adoptive older sister, Anne-Marie is rather overprotective of him as well; she locked him in the stables at one point as punishment for wandering off.
* ParentalAbandonment: Sebastian, since his Gypsy mother left him with his adoptive family (promising to return one day for him) because of her people's laws about having a child with outsiders.
* PluckyComicRelief: Poochie.
* PuppyLove: Lena and Sebastian, she actually kisses him at the end of one episode.
* ThreeAmigos: Belle, Sebastian and Poochie.
* {{Ungrateful Bastard}}s: Near the beginning of the series, some of the villagers testify against Belle even after she saved their lives, because they still want to be able to claim the reward for capturing her.