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->''"This is what would happen if [[Creator/AndreiTarkovsky Tarkovsky]] made an anime."''
-->--'''Website/YouTube commentator'''

''Angel's Egg'' (''Tenshi No Tamago'' in Japanese) is a surreal 1985 animated film which was directed by Creator/MamoruOshii and featured art designs by Creator/YoshitakaAmano. The film centers around a young girl protecting an egg in an abandoned gothic city who meets a mysterious man with a [[CreepyCoolCrosses cross-shaped]] rifle. The rest is... [[TrueArtIsIncomprehensible a bit harder to describe]], but it's [[TakeOurWordForIt extremely beautiful nonetheless]].
!!This film contains examples of:
%%* AsTheGoodBookSays
%%* BeautifulVoid
* CrapsackWorld: While it's not clear on [[MindScrew whatever's going on]], it's clear that the world isn't an inviting place to live.
%%* CreepyCoolCrosses
%%* DarkSkinnedBlond: The man.
* EggMcGuffin: [[spoiler:It's empty... or is it?]]
%%* FacelessEye
* FlyingSeafoodSpecial: Giant flying coelacanth shadows, to be exact.
%%* GainaxEnding
%%* GhostCity
%%* HaveYouSeenMyGod: The ''real'' theme of this movie.
* ImportationExpansion: When it was brought to the US, 45 minutes of ''live action'' footage was added in an attempt to release it as a post-apocalyptic thriller. This version, called ''In The Aftermath: Angels Never Sleep'' has since been almost completely forgotten.
%%* LeaveTheCameraRunning
* MindScrew: When even ''[[Creator/MamoruOshii the goddamn creator]]'' throws up his hands and admits he has no idea what the film is supposed to say, you know you're in bizarro-land.
* {{Minimalism}}: It has only two characters, neither of which have names, and less than a page of dialogue, most of which is contained in a single scene. The anime focuses more on the girl's devotion to her egg than anything else.
* MinimalistCast: The only people we ever see is [[NoNameGiven the little girl with the egg and the young warrior with the cross-shaped riffle.]] Apart from them and couple of ghostly fishermen who can't really be considered characters, the [[BeautifulVoid highly-detailed world the two live in is completely deserted.]]
%%* NoNameGiven
* OurAngelsAreDifferent: Apparently, they lay eggs. Or destroy them, or something.
%%* RapunzelHair: The girl.
* TheReveal: At the end of the movie, the camera pulls out slowly to show that [[spoiler:the city is built on the capsized hull of Noah's Ark.]]
%%* RuleOfSymbolism
* SceneryPorn: This is Yoshitaka Amano's and Mamoru Oshii's visual poem. With only about five minutes of dialog in its seventy minute run time the absolutely gorgeous visuals carry the film's elegant, surreal and poignant "narrative".
* SilenceIsGolden: There's less than a page of dialogue, and most of it is in one scene. The second line of dialogue is said a full 24 minutes into a 71 minute film.
%%* TakenForGranite
%%* WorldOfSymbolism