* ''Webcomic/{{Vexxarr}}'', when Minionbot has built a prosthetic hand for a crazy StarfishAlien with no limbs: "BOX! PANDORA! OPEN!"
* ''Webcomic/{{Xkcd}}'' has this [[http://xkcd.com/573/ in a strip]] when a daughter asks her father about how lame {{Rickroll}}ing someone is:
-->'''Daughter:''' Did your generation really use this to troll people? ''So'' lame. You know, you guys sucked at pranks.
-->'''Father:''' Did we? I once raised a kid with conditioning [[InvokedTrope so her speech centers shut down]] when she was upset.
-->'''Daughter:''' What? No, you couldn't have bleegle warble yargle arrgh!
* ''Webcomic/BobAndGeorge'', where Future Alternate Mega Man (it's a long story) fights Bob during the events of ''VideoGame/MegaMan5''. Mega Man, [[PowerCopying using Gyro Man's powers]], finds a way to penetrate Bob's supposedly indestructible flame barrier. Bob is ''very'' angry about this, but says nothing; Mega Man calls him on it, suggesting he's "inarticulate with rage."
* ''WebComic/EightBitTheater'' makes this a RunningGag, primarily with Black Mage although others have fallen victim to it. It's usually caused by something [[TheDitz Fighter]] says or does.
-->'''Black Mage''': Ffffffffffffffff\\
'''Fighter''': I think he sprung a leak.
** Also one strip later,
-->'''Black Mage''': Arghble!
** And after Black Belt climbs across a rope he was holding himself.
-->'''Black Mage''': How... you... here... what?
-->'''Black Belt''': I held the rope up and walked across just like you guys.
-->'''Black Mage''': That doesn't. I mean, you can't.
** Red Mage has one, too:
-->'''Fighter''': Don't you understand? With gravity slain, we can now fly! * flies* \\
'''Thief''': Huh.\\
'''Red Mage''': But he. You can't. Love, hate, clouds. [[NonSequiturThud *falls over*]]
* The follow up to [[http://threepanelsoul.com/2007/11/09/on-inspiration/ this]] strip, in ''Webcomic/ThreePanelSoul'', has Jez... rather [[http://threepanelsoul.com/2008/06/25/on-advancement-2/ annoyed]].
* Matt of ''Webcomic/DorkTower'' [[http://www.dorktower.com/2010/02/26/dork-tower-friday-february-26-2010/ demonstrates]].
* ''Webcomic/BlurTheLines'' [[http://www.blur-the-lines.com/?p=493 brings us these gems]]:
--> Jesus... Fuck! I... people... can't... fuck!
--> Wife... ass... video... fuck... Bad! Bad!
--> Graaa!
* All of trolls in ''Webcomic/{{Homestuck}}'' have a particular pattern in the way they type in chat logs, and Vriska in particular uses the number 8 in place of "B" and homophones of 8. However, she tends to go a bit overboard with their use when she's flustered.
--> AG: Or you know, if you're so h8gh 8nd might8 an8 th8nk you're so gr8at, m8y88 you c8uld oh I d8n't kn8w........
** During Act 6 she moves into the cat-stepping-on-keyboard mode, responding to [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=008037 one of Hussie's barbs]] with "sdkljfhkldhfsdkhfk".
** And Karkat. Although given that he's an angry alien troll it's difficult to tell if he's using actual troll insults or not. Here's a gem:
** During the [[StylisticSuck Land of Someone's Handicrafts I Took]] period, John manages something along the lines of "Rrraaaraurauaraarughaaaagh".
* In ''Webcomic/PennyAndAggie'', Aggie publicly accuses Penny of blowing off a date with Duane "because he's Black." When Penny asks her to repeat that, Aggie, realizing the enormity of what she's just said, falters for a moment ("Because he's... Because... you're not...") but then comes back at her with "BECAUSE HE'S BLACK! BECAUSE YOU'D NEVER BE SEEN WITH A BLACK MAN! YOU'RE TOO GOOD FOR HIM TOO GOOD FOR ANYONE WITH YOUR BLONDE LITTLE BLONDE [[GodwinsLaw YOU'RE WORSE THAN HITLER]]!"
* ''Webcomic/TheOrderOfTheStick'':
** When [[MoneyFetish Haley's]] looted dragon treasure got blown up, she actually ''[[UpToEleven became]] [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aphasia aphasic]]'', and spent a whole arc speaking gibberish. In fairness, it did turn out that the treasure thing wasn't the root cause.
** When Nale realizes the sign in Girard's Pyramid saying that [[YourPrincessIsInAnotherCastle the Gate is in another pyramid]] was a ruse, and that the Order beat them to the Gate (and destroyed it along with the Pyramid), he is temporarily stricken with this. "I can't believe- how did he- so the Gate was in the- GREENHILT!!"
* In ''Webcomic/ElGoonishShive'', Justin gets so angry with Elliot in [[http://www.egscomics.com/?date=2011-02-23 this strip]] that he is unable to properly respond to Elliot's last comment. He is, however, in control of his emotions enough to tell Elliot he can't continue the conversation, make one last statement and say bye.
* Kimiko of ''Webcomic/DresdenCodak'' fame offers us [[http://dresdencodak.com/2011/02/23/dark-science-08/ this example]]:
--> '''Department of Inquisition''': Thank you for your interest in the world of science. Please exit through the gift shop.
--> '''Kimiko''': NO GIFTS WANT SCIENCE. [[PunctuatedForEmphasis I. WANT. S-]]
* In ''Webcomic/GeneralProtectionFault'', Ki's mother, a Chinese woman married to a Japanese man and living in America, calls up Ki to tell her about her father being hit by a car and begins talking in a mixture of English, Chinese and Japanese. Her dialogue is represented by "[[SymbolSwearing *@#&!]]"
* [[http://www.cad-comic.com/cad/20030829 This]] strip from ''Webcomic/CtrlAltDel'' is liable to qualify for this trope as well, when Ethan dissolves into incoherence at the notion of using his obnoxious colleague Rob's 3D models in his video game project.
** [[http://www.cad-comic.com/comic/off-the-charts/ Another]] example occurs after Ethan discovers that his title of "King of [[FictionalHoliday Winter-een-mas]]" has been usurped.
* ''Webcomic/GrrlPower'' has Sydney doing [[http://www.grrlpowercomic.com/archives/197 this]] on a regular basis. What she says makes a [[http://www.grrlpowercomic.com/archives/201 sailor blush]].
* In ''Webcomic/CatNine'' Insulting her dad can make Myan angry enough for this. [[http://cat-nine.net/comic/myan-flips/]]
* In ''Webcomic/SchlockMercenary'' when Elf finds out that Petey had been spying on her boyfriend's room (along with everyone else on the ship), she starts growling gibberish, causing Kevyn to tell her that he doesn't need her to get incoherently angry on his behalf. Elf stresses that Petey watched EVERYTHING that occurred in the room, which Petey confirms "It's true." Kevyn responds "You... My... SEX... '''WATCHED?!''' Petey says it's also [[DeadpanSnarker true that Elf doesn't need to get incoherently angry on Kevyn's behalf.]]
* In ''Webcomic/StickyDillyBuns'', the normally fairly controlled and cerebral Ruby is almost permanently angry with her sister Amber. (She has [[FreudianExcuse reasons]], including but not limited to [[GreenEyedMonster jealousy or envy]].) At least once, she succumbs to [[http://www.stickydillybuns.com/strips-sdb/angry_with_herself wordless rage]].
* ''Webcomic/StandStillStaySilent'': This understandably happens to Torbjörn of MissionControl when he finds out about a certain glitch in getting food delivered to his underfunded expedition:
-->'''Sigrun:''' Hello!!? Help!!! We're out of food again!\\
'''Torbjörn:''' W-what? They didn't drop off the supplies?\\
'''Sigrun:''' One crate filled with [[MeatVersusVeggies garbage food!]] And a second one mostly filled with a ''person'' who is going to eat all of it!\\
'''Torbjörn:''' Uh-but-oh. No. ''Nono nooo!'' What is this? Why is this happening to us?!