Listed below are common {{Video Game Achievement|s}} templates.
!!By method of acquisition
->[[AC:If you want to add to the list, please make sure that your addition is generic enough to be found in games of different genres. Also, please avoid creating redundant entries.]]

* Completed chapter X of the single-player campaign (times chapters; most, if not all, of them secret)
* Completed the single-player campaign (times difficulty settings above Easy)
* Discovered a [[MultipleEndings specific ending]] (times endings; all secret)
** Discovered the GoldenEnding (secret)
** Discovered the [[EarnYourBadEnding terrible ending]] (secret)
** Fell for [[NonStandardGameOver game-ending]] SchmuckBait (secret, also [[AchievementMockery likely to make fun of you]])
** Discovered all endings
* Completed a major sidequest:
** ...a major {{NPC}}'s [[SidequestSidestory optional storyline]] (PlayerParty members, recurring {{Quest Giver}}s, etc.)
** EscortMission with all [=NPCs=] surviving
** ...a RomanceSidequest
** ...a CollectionSidequest
* Completed a DownloadableContent level
** Ditto on HarderThanHard difficulty
* Completed a specific level or the entire game with an additional challenge (NoDamageRun, PacifistRun, StealthRun, SpeedRun, etc.)
* Sat through the ClosingCredits to watch TheStinger

[[AC:Gameplay Mechanics]]
* Reached the CharacterLevel {{Cap}}
* Maxed out a SkillScore (times noteworthy skills)
* Used a specific skill N times (times noteworthy skills)
* Used the gimmick game mechanic N times
* Dealt [[ThereIsNoKillLikeOverkill an extraordinary amount of damage]] with a single attack
* Chained together an extraordinary long and/or complicated {{combo}}
* Got very unlucky (sorry for the bad luck, [[AchievementMockery here is an achievement]])

* Killed the [[ThatOneBoss particularly tough obligatory boss]] (secret)
* Killed a BonusBoss (times bonus bosses; possibly secret)
** Ditto on HarderThanHard difficulty (secret)
* Won the seemingly HopelessBossFight (secret)
* Killed N [[MassMonsterSlaughterSidequest mooks of a specific type]] (times types)
* Killed N mooks with a specific weapon (times weapons, though usually limited to the EmergencyWeapon and TooAwesomeToUse weaponry)
* Killed N mooks in a specific way ([[BoomHeadshot headshot]], environment damage, etc.)
* Killed a specific enemy in a [[WeaksauceWeakness specific]] [[TheJoysOfTorturingMooks contrived]] way (secret)

* Visited all locations with a specific theme to them
** Visited [[CartographySidequest every location in the game]]
* Used each [[WeaponOfChoice weapon]]/vehicle/[[FunctionalMagic magic]]/combo/etc. in the game
* Earned [[GameplayGrading the highest rank in every ranked challenge]]
* Gathered N generic collectable items ("stars", "gems", etc.)
** Increase N by a factor of 10 and repeat until the total number of collectables in the game is reached
* Filled in every MonsterCompendium entry
* Discovered a piece of UnlockableContent
** Discovered all hidden UnlockableContent
* Played the game for a total of N hours
* Attained HundredPercentCompletion
* Earned every other achievement

* Joined a multiplayer game session
* Won N multiplayer matches of specific type (times multiplayer modes)
** Repeat any number of times, increasing N by a factor of 10 every time
* Played a specific multiplayer mode for N hours (times multiplayer modes)
* Scored N hundred kills online (repeat up to an arbitrary N)
* Scored N kills with a specific weapon (times weapons)
* Played an online game with/against a player who already had [[TheVirus this achievement]]

* [[EffortlessAchievement Started the game, or did a really easy-to-perform action]] (often used to track how many people who bought the game have actually played it)
* Performed an [[GuideDangIt arbitrary sequence of in-game actions]] existing specifically to give you this achievement (possibly an EasterEgg; often secret or intentionally vague)
* [[WaitingPuzzle Did nothing for N seconds]] after reaching a certain point in the game
* Killed the PlayerCharacter in [[HaveANiceDeath any]] or [[TheManyDeathsOfYou all specific ways possible]]
* Successfully rendered the game UnwinnableByInsanity