!Analysis by [=RevolutionStone=]

A somewhat interesting take on the SpaceWestern, with some unaddressed UnfortunateImplications that eventually undermine the entire work.

As a preface: I'm not really much of an anime or manga fan, but my friends were really into it in my college years so I decided to try out a few, and Trigun was one that actually held my interest for a bit because of the manga's more mature take on the idea of the SpaceWestern and that it seemed to explore some very serious issues. Unfortunately, WriterCopOut happened on almost all of said issues, and then I began to see the almost vindictive homophobic/transphobic streak. This review doesn't (mostly) apply to the anime except where they share the same issues, which actually does have fewer UnfortunateImplications simply due to its many PlotHoles (another issue entirely but...)

This analysis will be centered around the UnfortunateImplications and how they, like termites in a wooden house, undermined ''everything'' from the Aesop overload to even the story being enjoyable at all.

1: BuryYourGays, but being an ArmoredClosetGay sexual abuser is okay - as long as its in the closet!

In general, the anime and especially manga seem to have an almost vindictive to the point of hate BuryYourGays streak, possibly due to the writer's interpretation of his Roman Catholic faith at the time. As in, the way of resolving the obvious even if accidental HoYay between Wolfwood and Vash? Kill off one of them, in one of the most prolonged and brutally sadistic deaths of the manga or emphasizing his heterosexuality before he dies in the anime - the former being BuryYourGays and the latter being GetBackInTheCloset and BuryYourGays. The canon gay Legato is a DepravedHomosexual who, as mentioned above, is a sadistic mass murderer driven to both his sexuality and murder via [[RapeAndSwitch child abuse]]. The manga canon transgender Elendira is also a "Creepy Transsexual" / DepravedBisexual stereotype, who suffers, again, one of the most sadistic deaths of the manga (far more so than anyone else). The ArmoredClosetGay and creepily incestuous Knives somehow escapes any of this due to ThePowerOfLove never mind he symbolically desires sex with his own brother (so being incestuously gay is A-OK as long as you sublimate it via violence), while an apparent way of purging TheHero Vash of the "taint" of ImmortalityBisexuality is to make him CompensatingForSomething and either being creepily sexual toward or shy of women.

2: Women are ineffectual / FauxActionGirl / {{Chickification}} / Failure of UsefulNotes/TheBechdelTest

So you'd think that Meryl and Milly would prove that women can be just as badass as men? Nope! They are never shown being able to resolve any situation completely by themselves (despite allegedly being trained enough to [[InformedAbility survive as long as they have]], most of their discussions center around the men or the things the men are doing. To give credit where credit is due, refreshingly, they at least aren't usually portrayed as intentional {{fanservice}} like most such female characters would be and Milly is one of the more positive portrayals of a [[BigBeautifulWoman plus-size woman]] in anime or manga even if she falls into the BigFun and BigEater tropes and is a bit of an airhead. Unfortunately, neither of them have very much page time or much writing outside of fandom to round them out more as characters, and in the end effectually they end up just as foils and backup for the men. All three female antagonists (I will consider Glendora female even if the manga is ambivalent on that, and Zadie is female in the manga) are also uniquely BrokenBird and some of the most mentally unstable out of a group of hired killers, Dominique having [[FreudianExcuse daddy issues]] and both her and Zadie being the personifications of BreakTheCutie and Glendora being a sociopath. Almost all of the straight males among the mercenaries have other reasons than pure mental illness for their actions, and ''none'' of them have [[FreudianExcuse DaddyIssues or MommyIssues]].

The female plants get it even worse - they are a SlaveRace, which leads to the next point.

3: HappinessInSlavery? Yeah, got that too...