!! The Worf Effect, Used For The Right Reasons, Is Not A Bad Thing

While a side effect is weakening of the character, there are good, valid reasons for having TheWorfEffect show up. Here are a few possibilities:

# If you allow the 'Worf' enough victories, he can be used as a good yardstick.
# If you're trying to make clear that physical force alone is insufficient. (See, for example, many early examples of the TropeNamer, or the opening of Film/StarTrekTheMotionPicture.)
# If WorfHadTheFlu is built into the plot. (Many "Superman fighting under the effects of Kryptonite/Red Sunlight" stories qualify here, for example.)
# If the point is for the Worf to be a distraction. (Many an SugarWiki/AwesomeMoment has been made by a character going into a fight expecting to die in order to allow time for others to accomplish some other objective.)
# If the 'Worf' is explicitly, in character, an idiot of some kind. This usually doesn't directly contribute to BadassDecay, merely to his "What an idiot" rating.