Analysis / Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP

The Grizzled Boor as the Shadow Archetype of the Scythian.

The game notes in the beginning that the Scythian left Scythia due to it being war torn. My thinking is that she left due to not wanting to be part of the barbarism in her homeland. From her perspective she is a noble soldier not allowing herself to engage in senseless violence (She questions why she destroys those lagomorphs, right?), instead going on a righteous quest to stop a destructive evil. She has shirked off her savagery in favor of being a dignified Knight Errant type with some amount of aloofness implied by her narration. The only hints to her previous lower state are in the common slang that slips into her otherwise elegant narration.

The Grizzled Boor though is by his own name an unrefined creature with his nakedness and bear-like appearance. At the same time he is the only character to share a fighting style with the Scythian, both using a one-handed weapon and a shield. Since the Grizzled Boor is only encountered in the dream world while the Scythian is alive it can be seen as her facing the part of herself she dislikes, a barbarous warrior, and in Jungian fashion either accepting it by sparing the Grizzled Boor or rejecting it by killing him. The Scythian's name, Ursula, also means "little bear" in Latin.-Blackie62