Analysis / Sex Sells

Will sex actually sell? That depends on a lot of things. These are times when sex might not sell.
  • If you are selling it to kids who haven't hit puberty yet, no. Just no.
  • If your alleged "sexy" picture is of a man, straight men and lesbians are not going to be interested, and if it's of a woman, straight women and gay men will not be interested.
  • Asexuality also gets in the way of Sex Sells. If an ace person sees the allegedly "sexy" ad it might gross them out, they might think the "sexy" clothes look uncomfortable or cold (esp if it's winter), or they might just walk by uninterested, thinking "Oh, that's just a woman in a bikini, that doesn't say anything about the product."
  • And there are some people who are interested in sex, but believe porn is gross, especially in public, so they may see the ad and think "ew, porn", the opposite of what the advertisers wanted.
  • The true lusty people who were just attracted sexually might want their money back when they realize it has nothing to with the product.
  • And some people might just not be sexually attracted to that particular ad.

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