Quotes: Sex Sells

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Males are predictable creatures. All successful advertising campaigns that target men include one of these two messages:

1. This product will help you get dates with bikini models.
2. This product will save you time and money, which you need if you want to date bikini models.

Compared to simpleminded, brutish men, women are much more intricate and complex. Your advertising message must appeal to women's greater range of intellectual interests and aesthetic preferences. Specifically, your message has to say this:

1. If you use this product you'll be a bikini model.

    live-action tv 

Peggy Olson: Sex sells.
Don Draper: Says who? Just so you know, the people who talk that way think that monkeys can do this.
Mad Men

Pharmaceutical sales reps are famously young, attractive people. In fact, this is so well-known, it's become a sitcom punchline for years. If something's a joke on Scrubs, you know it's common knowledge.
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver on marketing to doctors

Know why we don't hang out? You may dominate at every FPS, but you know what really levels me up? Creating your own video game. And when you do, I'll be waiting.
Mindfire Academy Video Game Design Bootcamp ad

In a mere 15 seconds, the school makes it clear that they know nothing about gaming and less about women... Speaking of video games, that one will probably work better if you turn the controller on.


I'm a beautiful, scantily-clad model standing in Times Square posing for this ad. Typical of Madison Avenue, they'll use sex to try and sell anything! Even something as wholesome as milk. Only one problem. Most readers are so busy checking out my fabulous body that they never really pay attention to the product being advertised.
Ad parody, back cover of MAD #384


"I'll take my clothes off, and it will be shameless
'Cause everyone knows that's how you get famous"
Lily Allen, "The Fear"

    stand-up comedy 

Oh, look at that! Those two people like it! And they're shagging!

    Video Games 

Announcer: A glass of Gold Touch Brandy, to make you feel rich and famous.
Girl: Hi, have me met before? Is this seat taken? [giggle]
Max Payne 2 TV advert

(A Land Rover purchase does not guarantee a satisfied sex life.)
Grand Theft Auto II radio advert

    Web original 

(Mara's been lounging around, half-asleep in the lobby. She comes to with a yawn.)
Mara: ... You still not getting any help on the business front?
Marcia: ...Actually, I hired Lust the other day.
Mara: Gonna go with the sexy mascot idea then? Good call.
Marcia: Yep. She's also my assistant.

Thatís what it takes, apparently, to sell a book about female superheroes. Or female supervillains. Or, in many cases, female anything.

Thatís what it takes to sell female recording artists. And female actors. Hell, thatís even what it takes to sell a lot of female politicians.

After Iíve seen enough of photos, covers, posters, and promotional materials like these, lines about how Ďbeing tough AND sexyí is admirable and how Ďbeauty and sexiness are assetsí fall flat. Beauty isnít an asset. Beauty is a requirement.

Because, I guess, if sheís not sexy, why bother dealing with her? Thereís no reason to listen to the words coming out of an unattractive womanís mouth. Thereís no reason to be interested in the adventures of a woman unless the word Ďeroticí is slipped in there, however subtly. Thereís no reason to draw a regular woman if you can draw a sexy one.
4th Letter, "Sexy is good, right? Sexy sells, right?"

Carlís Jr. wants you to think of big ole titty sex when you think of their restaurants. It produces a desire to consume their burgers greater than the previous association with arteriosclerosis and irradiated giant sized ants...This indirect association with sex I donít fully understand. I have no reason to believe Carlís Jr. burgers are delicious simply because a hot girl drips grease on her boobs. If she let me lick the grease off her tits, I might change my mind. That or a $1 off coupon entirely inform my buying decision.

Covering a fighting game for a media outlet can be a complicated affair, especially when attempting to go beyond face value, exploring issues of balance and timing and the competitive scene. The Dead or Alive franchise makes it easy. "What are DOA's boobs doing this time around?" I mean hell, even I'm doing it. Hi there.

Tecmo Koei seems content to milk the series' breasts for all they are worth. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the recently-released Dead or Alive 5: Final Round feature the new "Soft Engine," designed specifically to make skin look silkier and move more realistically than ever before....I tried to argue that breast physics were the least interesting part of the series. The Dead or Alive I fell in love with is a fighting game focused on fast action, easy enough for a new player to hop in and simultaneously becomes simply brilliant in the hands of a seasoned pro. It's about dynamic face-offs and spectacular battles spilling across multi-tiered stages.

The team responded with skepticism. If the sexy side of Dead or Alive was its least interesting aspect, then why the "Soft Engine?" Why all the marketing materials that are little more than 20 seconds of swaying boobs?

And just like that, I deflated. There's no use arguing the character of a game when it's standing behind you the entire time with its shirt raised shouting "Look at my tits!"

Well, itís official. Bette Midler is my tia who tells my cousins to pull down their skirts and stop running around looking like prostitutas...Bette is right about Ariana Grande. Ariana looks like sheís 12 and sheís always done up like a toddler Lola Bunny, so when she starts bringing the sex, I donít know whether to laugh or scream for the authorities. Even Abby Lee Millerís like, 'Tone it down, girl, tone it down.'

    western animation 

Dr. Diddy: Let me explain something to you, all right? We got to get her half-naked and put her up front center stage. That's gonna make you all billionaires, because America loves hot white jailbait ass.
Peter: Wait a minute.... (deadpan) That's the smartest thing I've ever heard anyone say about anything.


Now that I've got your attention VOTE FOR BART!!!
—Bart's campaign poster for his bid for classroom monitor, The Simpsons

    real life 

In the United States, the advertising and public relations industry is huge. Back in the more honest days, they called it propaganda. Now the term doesnít sound nice, so itís not used anymore, but itís basically a huge propaganda system...His first great success was to induce women to smoke. In the 1920s, women didnít smoke. So hereís this big population which was not buying cigarettes, so he paid young models to march down New York Cityís Fifth Avenue holding cigarettes. His message to women was, 'You want to be cool like a model? You should smoke a cigarette.' How many millions of corpses did that create? Iíd hate to calculate it. But it was considered an enormous success.
Noam Chomsky on Edward Bernays, the "Father of Public Relations"

I always said that there were two things I wouldn't do: I won't do any lesbian stuff ('cause that's not my deal), and I'm not gonna get naked. —Well, I got naked by accident, so... (laughs) Our demographic was 18-35-year-old males. Of course we're gonna do something like that. And I'd always wear the little skirt so it can pop up. Or, if you didn't have a skirt on: my favorite was you'd pull them like you're gonna give them a piledriver, and you stick the hand down, and you pull up the thong you and give 'em a spanking. We always incorporated sex into everything because sex sells.
Francine, Forever Hardcore: The Documentary

I've been ordering to Yoji to make the character more erotic, and he did it well. Recently I've been making characters this way. The initial target is to make u want to do cosplay or its figurine to sell well.
Hideo Kojima, discussing Metal Gear Solid V on his Twitter feed