According to one porn director, RightThroughHisPants in pornographic works is partially intended to ensure mainstream porn is uninteresting to women. The theory is that the average straight male porn viewer desperately, ''desperately'' prefers that his partner NOT enjoy porn. Her enjoyment implies his inadequacy. The director says this is why they hire extremely ugly guys like Ron Jeremy: so guys won't feel insecure. Female nudity is great (remember, MostWritersAreMale), and if you can slip it past the censors, imply it through tight clothing, or out and out show them nude -- fantastic. But lord, don't show men naked; [[SarcasmMode flashing a penis is likely to blind someone and drive the viewer to suicide]]. (MargaretCho has an alternative theory: "[Straight men] don't want a fraction of an inkling of a chance that they might actually get [[StupidSexyFlanders turned on]] ''[[EvenTheGuysWantHim by the guy]]'' in the movie and accidentally have a ''[[HaveIMentionedIAmHeterosexualToday homo moment]]''.")

Admittedly it is exceedingly rare to get a clear view of actual female genitalia, except in outright pornographic material. So during sex scenes in movies or comics, we'll get to see almost all of the woman and nothing of the man but some pecs and a groaning face -- if that. Also, nipples might show through a skintight suit on a woman, but the male will rarely have a bulge, even in tights ([[Film/{{Labyrinth}} and usually won't look like he's smuggling a gun carriage]]), leading to the impression that all men in fiction are Ken dolls. Which leads to another DoubleStandard.

One theory states that this is why the YuriGenre is [[GirlOnGirlIsHot popular among men]] and the BoysLoveGenre [[YaoiFangirl popular among women]]; there aren't ''any'' characters of the wrong gender involved, so you can just sit back and be attracted to both of them (popularity of lesbian porn explained on ''{{Coupling}}'': "It's sex with a greater density of women"). Another theory that explains why the BoysLoveGenre is so popular amongst women ''and men'' is that it is one of the few genres that show men naked ''at all'' (usually arising from there admittedly being very little attraction for straight women in mainstream porn because of widespread instances of this trope).[[note]]Women tend not to have the same issues with seeing naked women as men do seeing naked men in sexual context. If they do it usually manifests in the niche HetIsEw.[[/note]]