BigNameFan, Reed Nelson, compiled a list of the differences between the two English-dub releases of ''[[Anime/LupinIIITheSecretOfTwilightGemini Twilight Gemini]]''.

# Jigen's "hell" changed to "heck."
# Conversation in train car between ICPO woman and Lupin cut almost completely. (Lupin barely sits down with the woman and Zenigata immediately barges in on him)
# Bedroom scene with Fujiko, Lupin, and Sadachiyo greatly abbreviated.
# Leering shots on Fujiko's body and shots of ogling crowd omitted.
# Fujiko showing off her cleavage a bit in the police station omitted.
# Camera pan down Fujiko's buttocks in the police station replaced with a reversed animation of her moving in to kiss Lupin. No dialogue was removed or changed.
# Scene inside the abandoned building re-edited to omit the shot of Lupin pulling the Twilight from Fujiko's top. No dialogue was removed.
# When Sadachiyo puts his sword to Lara's neck, the dripping blood is slightly reduced.
# Sequence where "Galoux" shoots the 3 Geltic prisoners cut, along with a prisoner's line, "Galoux, you can't!"
# The scene where Sadachiyo "tortures" Fujiko is mostly cut.
# Lupin's "Where am I? Did I die? Is this heaven? Or Hell?" becomes "Where am I? Did I die? Am I dead? Oh, no...."
# Shots of Lara removing her jacket and bandanna cut.
# Pink digital 2-piece string bikini added to Lara's figure during her bathing sequence.
# Scene of Lara bathing lightly abbreviated in a few spots (presumably to decrease costs of digital editing).
# Scene of Fujiko tied to the woodwork in the Gelt seperatists' hideout abbreviated. Some video during this scene was zoomed-in to edit out Fujiko's cleavage and underwear.
# Scene of Jean-Pierre holding Lara hostage significantly abbreviated, omitting the shot of him ripping her top, and of her being tossed aside.
# Sequence where Jean-Pierre is shot is edited to omit blood.
# Lara's top digitally re-drawn over her shoulder and chest as she lands onto the truck.
# Shot of Fujiko walking towards the camera in the treasure room cut.