Ivanhoe vs. de Bois-Guilbert as a Love Interest.

Okay granted Brian is a villain, an 'unprincipled voluptuary' as Scott puts it, and Ivanhoe is a true blue hero of chivalry. However Brian de Bois-Guilbert has his advantages as a lover.

To start with he knows Rebecca is alive. Okay so does Ivanhoe but the minute he discovers she's a Jewess she has cooties as far as the honorable Wilfred is concerned. Brian on the contrary couldn't care less about her religion - or of course his own.

Brian is a ''hell'' of a lot more interesting. Okay a good deal of his interest involves unashamed villainy but come on who would you prefer to hang with? Brian with his smoldering eyes or a Wilfred who looks right through you?

Ivanhoe risks his life for Rebecca's. Of course so does Brian cutting his way through hordes of enemies into a burning castle to find and rescue her. Not that she appreciates it. Of course he also abandons Ivanhoe and her father while carrying her to safety.

Brian doesn't spend their entire acquaintance flat on his back.

Brian is a much cooler name than Wilfred.

Brian is not obsessed with another woman.

And best of all Brian has given up the idea of changing Rebecca and is willing to change for her.

I remain of the opinion that Rebecca should have given that relationship a shot. It had to be better than a life of solitary good works. Wilfred So Was Not Worth It.