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Administrivia: Internal Subtrope
Sometimes, a trope is distinct enough to deserve its own name and description, but a bit too specific to deserve its own page: There is a huge grey area between worthwhile tropes and tropes that are plainly The Same but More, The Same but More Specific, or similar. In some cases, a trope concept within this gray area is best handled by making it an Internal Subtrope: Give it a trope definition within the trope description of the supertrope and add the trope name as a redirect. But please avoid Linking to an Article Within the Article in this way.

However, Subtrope Titles Are Not Examples. Examples on a trope page still must list why a particular internal subtrope applies.

For examples, see Bastard Girlfriend (which has "Abusively Sexy Lady", "Abusively Sexy Bitch", and "Abusively Sexy Girl" as internal subtropes) and Artist Disillusionment (which has Artist Disillusionment Farewell as an internal subtrope.)
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alternative title(s): Internal Subtrope
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