Administrivia / Creating New Pages

The ability to easily create new pages is a common feature of most wikis, including this one. First, you should know that most pages are titled with a WikiWord — a sequence of capitalized words joined together without spaces between them. For example, the name of this page is Creating New Pages. A WikiWord within the text of a page automatically becomes a link to the page with that title. The link may display as red or blue depending upon whether there are pages under that title; if there is no page under the specific namespace/title combination, you'll end up on a page where you can create a new article.

Thus, a simple mechanism to create a new page is to simply edit an existing page and add a WikiWord title for your new page. The Wiki Sandbox is a good page in which to make your initial links. Just create an entry on that page for your wiki nickname. Then, after saving the changes to Wiki Sandbox, click the link!

Another way to create a new page: in your browser's URL field, replace the name of the current page with the name of the page you wish to create, and hit Enter or do whatever you would normally do to go to a new location. This will bring up a new page with the text "We don't have an article named Namespace.Title. If you want to start this new page, just click the edit button above." Click on the Edit Page link to edit and save your new page.

A third way to create a subpage to an already existing work or trope page is by way of the "+ Create New" button. It leads to a dropdown list of various types of subpages. Just click on the entry for the subpage you want to create, and you'll land on the edit page for the subpage where you can then save your new page.