Administrivia / Category Listing Template

Note: This template is an example. If you wish to copy it into a new trope as a guideline for crafting a new article, go ahead. Please do not alter this article, unless you intend to modify the template.
Category Name followed by a brief description of the category in italics. This is followed by a bulleted trope list in alphabetical order. Bullets are created with an asterisk as the first character of a line/paragraph; do not put blank lines between list entries, and do not continue the italics into the list.

  • Trope 1
  • Trope 2
  • Trope 3
  • Ignore "The" and "A(n)" when alphabetizing entries. For example, "The Dragon" would go in the "D"s, not the "T"s.

Rarely there may be a "See Also" link immediately following a list. Separate it from the list with a blank line, but don't follow it with one. Use a horizontal rule instead.