AATAFOVS / Ring Rats

Season 1, Episode 4. Preceded by Forty Towels, followed by Bad Day At Rambo Rock.

We're first introduced to Randy, Zakk, and Slash, the Guppy Poop Troupe, three teenagers who work cleaning the fish tanks at Petsmart, and who all have an intense crush on Cleo. They encounter Alucardiff, who convinces them that, if they beat the Vamp Benders, Cleo will go nuts for them and marry them. Yes, all of them. Alucardiff gives the Troupe a Story Gate generator and departs.

Meanwhile, the heroes' latest adventure through the Story Gate has taken them to a Professional Wrestling event. Between matches, evil authority figure Russ Vincent makes his way to the ring, and to the Vamp Benders' surprise, calls them up to the ring. He then explains that they will be competing tonight, against the Guppy Poop Troupe and the tag team champions, Hellfire and Brimstone, in a 5-on-4 handicap Cleo On A Pole match! The bad guys come out, and the match gets underway!

The GPT and the tag-team champs win the match, thanks to an Easily Distracted Referee, but then the GPT get into a fistfight over who gets Cleo for themselves. Cleo manages to break up the fight by telling them that she can't stand any of them. However, in the ensuing fracas, the GPT's Story Gate generator was damaged, forcing them to wander the Storyverse forever, with no guidance and no way home. They blame the Vamp Benders for this, and swear revenge as they're sucked into a random gate.

At the end of the episode, Vincent walks into a torchlit room with an immense table, surrounded by hooded figures. The figure at the head tells Vincent he has done well, and will be permitted to complete the unholy union, becoming the 666th member. He implores all present to "speak the words", to which they respond by chanting, "Death to the Avatar! Death to the Avatar!" as we fade out.