So, kids and demons? This sounds wholesome! Let's Play DemiKids!

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Into the game proper!

The kid with the hat is now named Jin. Norn goes on about destiny and light and dark (again) and we get a really photoshopped looking title screen.

The game then moves to an arcade in Rem City in October 200X. So the game takes place anywhere between 4 and 12 years ago (if I did the math right). We then get a battle sequence between Karfu and Cherubim under my control against Asmodeus and Puritus. I'm assuming it's an arcade game in universe. The battle animations are surprisingly well animated, but the battle theme is really boring. Shoji Meguro this is not.

The battle system appears to be a two-on-two system, but there can be more participants in a battle, but only two can be active. I took out Asmodeus and he was replaced by Tior, but there were only three enemies on that team apparently.

So it is an arcade game. This girl comes in and I'm guessing she's Jin's sister because she looks almost identical. We get our first good view of Jin and that thing in his hat looks like a Nintendo Wii. Not kidding.

So, the game was something called 'Battlenet' and Jin is apparently a champion. Anyway, so the girl, Lena, tells Jin that something really interesting happened at school and they leave for the school. Now I need to find Akira (the protagonist of the Dark version). Geeze Jin is slow. There isn't even a run function.

Anyway, so I found the classroom and Akira comes out. He has almost the same hairstyle as Lena, just a different color, so maybe Jin and Lena's appearance might be because of Only Six Faces.

It turns out that the strange thing Lena found was a book about demons. That's not that odd. Anyway, it turns out that Jin is apparently obsessed with demons, and he's really interested in the book because it has a demon summoning spell. Oh, and Amy showed up. She's the Mysterious New Transfer Student of the game. From Valhalla. Amy goes for it too.

In the library, Lena and Amy can't find the demon book. (How did Atlus get away with this?) Now we need to look for it. The first thing I found was a Voodoo doll. Why is that in an elementary school? The music just got epic, and Akira finds the book. They open it and find how to summon "Nex, the wolf demon that protects the underworld." The characters babble on about how it could be dangerous and how you need 'special powers' to summon a demon. I have absolutely no reason to believe these characters have powers.

They summon Gargoyle, who looks exactly like a dragon. He's really rude and he's from Valhalla too apparently. And he attacks. The Librarian sort of slowly wanders away and Amy says that Gargoyle works for Imperium. No wonder the game didn't try to hide Amy's identity at all. It just spells that she's from Valhalla. Lena tries to tell it off and it spins her around like a top. It looks like Gargoyle is dancing with Lena. Amy gives Jin and Akira 'Demilocs' which look like really cheesy guns. Jin fires his, and he summons Rand, an adorable 'sol-cat' thing. And Rand immediately identifies Jin as a Demi Kid, a demon-human hybrid.

Battle time! Oh, this battle theme is more boring than the other one. The battle is just back and forth "I hit you, you hit me back".

Gargoyle is defeated, and he says the world has no future because of the 'Time Rift'. Who thinks it has something to do with Time Tower in Valhalla? He follows his revelation up with the amazing line, "And with no future, it will only fade away!" That's almost on 'People die when they are killed' level. The kids talk a bit and Jin and Akira are hilariously blase about being part demon. You'd think they'd acknowledge it or something. Amy runs away and the other kids follow her.

Now I got a couple other demon allies named 'Aminoz' Lava Rat and 'Windling'. I now have control again. I'm going to stop here, and pick up tomorrow. See you then!


You'll eventually have three demons on the field and yeah occasionally enemy encounters have demons that appear after you defeat the ones you're currently facing.
OmegaRadiance 22nd Mar 13
They changed a bunch of demon names for space and kid appeal reasons- Aminoz is actually Ame-no-Uzume, for instance.
Pulse 22nd Mar 13
Akira and Jin, huh? I know one of the meanings for "Akira" is "bright," so what's the betting "Jin" can mean "dark?"
rikalous 22nd Mar 13
Well, Jin is in the Light version and Akira is in the Dark version, so I'm not sure.
Zendervai 23rd Mar 13
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