So, kids and demons? This sounds wholesome! Let's Play DemiKids!

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To the Light Side we go!

Okay, so after the votes and talking with a friend of mine, I've decided on the Light version.

Check out the hat on the kid! It looks like he wanted to get one of those things you see on an editors hat in a movie but had no idea how big it was supposed to be!

So, let's begin!

So, there's the normal credits, then a pentagram (!?) and this creepy thing with a crescent moon head carrying an eyeball. Then title screen. What was that?

So the game proper starts with a pretty picture of a galaxy while talking about light and darkness, then it cuts to the 'Time Tower' where a blond kid is talking to a purple haired girl called Amy. They're talking about how without the power of light and darkness, the Imperium will doom Valhalla. Amy then says she needs to go, and the game cuts back to the galaxy with more babble about the balance of light and darkness, using the day-night cycle as a metaphor.

I've seen worse. Then the image starts cutting back and forth between the galaxy and a white light in a red circle which I'm guessing is an explosion, then it cuts to a wireframe grid in green, and then it cuts to a door hovering in nothing with a green lady named Norn in front of it. She says my fate calls. But first, Hello, [Insert Name Here]! The default is Jin, but I will open this up to voting. What do you think the kid up there should be called?

Oh, and that was like 2 minutes of the game.


I am a sucker for default names, so stick with Jin.
Otherarrow 22nd Mar 13
As am I. Jin.
Pulse 22nd Mar 13
I kept Akira's name the same when I played Dark Version so Jin!
OmegaRadiance 22nd Mar 13
I also say to go with Jin.
Joaqs 22nd Mar 13
Who am I to disagree? Jin!
phoenixdaughterAM 22nd Mar 13
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