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Deep in the Realms of Romance! Let's Play Awakening!
Endark Culi

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A Brief Introduction
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the start of my first Liveblog for a 3DS title! Let's start things off with a short Q&A, shall we?

So, we're almost ready to begin leading the Shepards, AKA the militia of the country of Ylissia, to victory. But before we do, I'd like a bit of input: should I start as a Female Protagonist, or a Male Protagonist? I'd like to choose our protagonist's name and appearance on my own, but the gender can have a major effect on what classes I use and what Supports are accessible. Either way, thank you for reading, and have a wonderful day!
26th Feb '13 12:15:16 PM flag for mods
Deep in the relems of...where have I -ding- Persona 4 Arena! I like you already. (Before I read the explination)

Part of me wants male because siblings are cool. But the other part of me goes crazed with glee when thinking of that villian based off of the Protagonist and thinking it's pretty cool.

So...male for the siblings.

Also, this is a liveblog I was hoping for. I want to focus on the Persona series but this was a game I wanted to try.
phoenixdaughterAM 27th Feb 13 (edited by: phoenixdaughterAM)
I honestly prefer female, just cause.

And I will watch this liveblog with much glee! Good luck.
DeathChariot 28th Feb 13
I can switch my vote to female.
phoenixdaughterAM 9th Mar 13
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