The Liveblog of Time: The Great Hunt


Chapter 48: First Claiming

Min finds Rand and gets him inside a house, where heís so cold that she canít leave to get help, and does a little body warmth sharing, which is when Egwene finds them, also drawn to him. Unfortunately, rather than clearing things up, Min acts like a Clingy Jealous Girl, saying she has as much of a shot with Rand as anyone, not that we ever saw her wanting it. Luckily itís broken up by none other than Lanfear, who declares Lews Therin belongs to only her, and sheíll come for him when the time is right.

Ugh, why did the story have to go here? Nynaeve and Lan provide enough unwanted romantic complications on their own, so why involve Min in this demented love pyramid (the best shape I can think of, for a situation with one man that a bunch of women want)? Well, Lanfearís entrance still gives it some purpose.


And we haven't even met one of the women who's going to be a love interest!

It's implied in the next chapter that the main reason Rand is still alive is Lanfear Healing him.
montagohalcyon 23rd May 12
Min's actions are really weird from any outside POV but makes perfect sense given who she is.
Arilou 23rd May 12
Don't worry, this series doesn't form a Love Dodecahedron.
Sabbo 24th May 12
You say? Well, maybe you are right. They are just separate Love Pyramids.
wheelreader 24th May 12