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MUNKY NOT TRUKK!! Let's Watch Beast Wars!

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106 - Power Surge
The episode opens with a majestic bald eagle soaring through the sky. And then Terrorsaur eats it, before spotting a hovering mountain. He investigates, and on seeing it filled with Energon, he decides to transform to scan it, risking the Energon surge. As he tries to collect a sample, he's shocked, and as he thumbles back his hands touch spikes of Energon, and he is super charged, his form visibly bulking up, his voice becoming deeper. Realizing his new found power, he decides to go fight Megatron, and flies off, streaking through the sky like a rocket.

Cheetor sees this, and having learned his lessons from both "The Web" and "Equal Measure", radios back to base to ask if he should investigate decides to follow and investigate without radioing back to base.

Megatron finds out what Waspinator's life is like.
Outside the Predacon base, Megatron is demonstrating his base's new perimeter defense grid, with autoguns hidden all around the surrounding areas. Terrorsaur arrives and challenges him for leadership. Megatron mentions Terrorsaur's challenged him before, but he accepts, figuring her can use the entertainment. Sadly he soon finds Terrorsaur can shrug off his weapons fire, and is soon blown to pieces by Terrorsaur literally producing a new gun out of his ass. Terrorsaur declares himself leader, and demands the others prepare to attack the Maximals, so that they may taste his new-found power. However he's soon shock, and his internal diagnostics reveal his surge as worn out, and he's now being power drained, in danger to enter stasis lock if he doesn't return to beast mode. Terrorsaur puts Tarantulas in command, and flies off, cryptically saying he needs to do "something" before the assault. Tarantulas doesn't care for command and leaves, with Scorponok back in charge. He tells Waspinator they will rescue Megatron.

From nearby, Cheetor witnesses the whole scene, and runs back to base to report. The Maximals detect him arriving at full speed and figure something must be up. We get to see Cheetor tell Optimus everything he just saw, because why not pad the episode some more? Optimus orders Rattrap to gear up for demolition, and they both go to the flying mountain, Optimus on Rattrap's back.

Tarantulas has been following Terrorsaur, intending to discover his secret and seize it for himself, he uses his harpoon to climb to the floating mountain.

Optimus and Rattrap arrive (despite leaving well after Terrorsaur they show up at the same time as him, in fact, before they left the base they could scan Terrorsaur and Tarantulas having almost reached the mountain), return to beast mode and spy Terrorsaur recharging. Optimus decides he will draw Terrorsaur away, while Rattrap can plant his demolition charges. He'll then return to retrieve Rattrap before the mountain blows. Rattrap doubts Optimus can actually ditch a post-recharge Terrorsaur, but they don't really have options.

Optimus transforms and gets Terrorsaur to follow him, because Terrorsaur is a massive idiot that doesn't know a diversion when he sees one. Optimus dodges Terrorsaur's super charged gunfire by flying about the mountain, while Rattrap places two Demolition charges where Terrorsaur recharges, and returns to beast mode. He then crosses Tarantulas, and both fight in beast mode. You'd think that, with some Tarantulas actually eating rats, this would be an unfair fight, but no, Rattrap holds his own, eventually tossing mud in Tarantulas' eyes as he's charging him, causing Tarantulas to fall of a cliff on a ledge near the bottom of the mountain.

Optimus however starts feeling the effects of being near so much Energon and is forced to land and turn to beast mode. Terrorsaur prepares to finish him off, but Contrived Coincidence means he feels the power drain occur, and transforms to recharge, swearing to return to finish Optimus off. Optimus climbs back up to find Rattrap. Rattrap sees Terrorsaur returns and assumes Optimus is dead, meaning he'll die when the mountain blows. Terrorsaur sees the charges and flees just as they detonate, as does Tarantulas. Optimus climbs back up, tells Rattrap to climb on his back, and jumps off the mountain, as if he transformed, the Energon blast from the mountain would fry him permanently. He catches himself on a branch bellow, allowing them to survive... somehow. Optimus and Rattrap compliment each other on their work, but Rattrap tells Optimus to tell no one he's said that.

Terrorsaur flies back to base, lamenting that he lost his power source, he did get rid of Megatron permanently. Megatron awaits him, fully repaired.

Megatron: Well, look who is back...
Terrorsaur: ...Help

The episode is okay. Not great, not bad. There's no real stake here. It's not like Terrorsaur taking out Megatron makes us fear for the Maximals, especially when we realize he loses his super powers really fast. And Terrorsaur never feels more threatening that Megatron does, even with his powers. It feels like they could've made something better out of this. For example, Tarantulas is in the episode just so he can have a fight with Rattrap to pad things out a bit.

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