Puella Magi Iku Masamune Magica

Iku Masamune

Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

The episode starts with a flashback to when Sayaka made her contract with Kyuubey. So, Kyuubey's sitting there, all on this throne-type box as Sayaka makes her contract. It's worth mentioning that Sayaka's Soul Gem comes out of her chest area as Kyuubey puts his paws in that area, which makes it look like he's groping her to get the Soul Gem in the process. Maybe our cute, little, Jerkass Ferret is a perv as well.

Sayaka explains to Madoka how awesome being a Magical Girl is, and how she wants to protect the city from Witches. The whole "protecting the city from witches part" totally makes Sayaka sound like she's a cop and not a Puella Magi. There's probably a fanfic of the Magical Girls as cops out there, so it would only kinda make sense in hindsight.

Later, Sayaka visits Kyosuke in the hospital, and he plays some violin. At the same time, Kyouko is spying on her. Hmm... I wonder what will happen next. At the same time but across town, Homura basically tells Madoka that she gave up on Sayaka's welfare when she made the contract and that she shouldn't have done it. Oooh. Burned.

That doesn't slow down Madoka, as she goes on a witch hunt with Sayaka. But, said witch is actually a familiar, which is basically a witch's manservant when they don't feel like fighting.

Unfortunately, for Sayaka, familiars don't drop Grief Seeds, as the familiar runs away. Oh, and Kyouko shows up and wants to kick Sayaka's ass.

What then ensues is a bitch fight between Sayaka and Kyouko that could get them on Jerry Springer, hence the title of this installment. To make them more qualifiable for Jerry Springer, Madoka wants them to stop fighting, and Kyuubey wants her to make a contract so Kyouko and Sayaka can stop fighting.

Then, as sort of a combined Deux ex Machina, Dynamic Entry, and a Crowning Moment of Awesome, Homura shows up. Her whole entry is made of awesome - From they way she dropped into the battle, to her hair flip, to even the bongo music playing in the background.

Unfortunately, the episode ends here on a cliffhanger. Next episode, we better see a resolution to this fight.