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11-Year Nostalgia Trip: Crash Team Racing
Yon Troper

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We Have A Problem: A Premature Ending
Hey guys.

So, my computer broke, and this was right when I was getting a good distance into the game and was almost ready to race Oxide. I got a new computer, but all my stuff was lost, including my emulator. And quite honestly, I don't want to start playing through all over again.

Don't worry, though, I'll start a new LB, and it's a good one, trust me. And hey, maybe I'll take this up again some time.

See you on the other side, YT, Who Never Gets Far In His L Bs
17th Jan '12 7:43:42 PM flag for mods
It's quite disappointing that this liveblog was not able to achieve what you wanted it to...but alas, there is little that is accomplished when complaining about legitimate technical difficulties. It was kinda fun while it lasted, and I wish you good luck on your next project.
EndarkCuli 17th Jan 12
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