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Let's Watch Gundam AGE!

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Well then, I found some subs for the latest Gundam series, and decided to do a liveblog as an outlet for my reaction, whatever it be. I have avoided the previews of the series and go in knowing basically nothing about the series save for assuming all the normal Gundam tropes will be in play.

To put me into perspective in Gundam fandom: I like UC (especially Zeta and Crossbone), love Turn A and X to death, enjoyed 00 and Wing, found SEED passable, and got bored with SEED Destiny. The only non-series things I have read/watched are F91, 08th MS, and Crossbone. My first series was 00, and went straight to 0078 from there.

I guess that is about all I need to say? I will post the first episode later tonight.
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fishsicles 5th Nov 11
Edited to update it with my having watched 08th MS Team. Because context is important!
fishsicles 5th May 12
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