Dance, my puppets, dance! Let's play Eternal Eyes! [Video! Audience Participation!]

Freezair For A Limited Time

Virgin Emergency

IN THIS INSTALLMENT: We beat up a really chunky boss, and then, story happens! Sexy story. *wolf whistles*

By the way, if you're wondering why the evolution outtro uses sprites this time instead of mugshots, it's because I didn't have enough time during the last recording session to record mugshots of all the potential evolutions for our dudes. Sprites courtesy of "Ragey" on the Spriter's Resource.

Don't forget to suggest a name for our new friend! Also, should we bring him or Gypsy along for the ride next time? Heck, we could even dump Tom or Crow if you like! I'll probably be doing some offscreen gem grinding either way, because there's some spells I want to get...


Hm... My suggestions:

  • Tom should keep the diabetes look and go with the bunny (Fuwawa) though I want to ask what is up with Dogu 1's name. Why is there a 1? Is there a Dogu 2?
  • Hm... I'm not exactly sure if Crow's inclined to wizardhood (like does he use more spells than attacks), but I think I pick Mushini for Crow.
  • Pikuchi sounds like a Joke Character and reminds me of a Cybermat so go with High Jackal for Gypsy. Foxy = Sexy. Sexy Gypsies get Tony Jay's Approval.
  • So we tried pink, red, and white. I'm not sure what color to pick next. Do the words to describe the colors (Warrior, Holy, Beast, etc.) also determine what the monster is or is it just for show?
Psyga315 2nd Dec 11
There is a Dogu 2. It's on down the evolutionary line. It's also the most horrifying shade of yellow imaginable.

The words do affect it. Each color + descriptor combo leads to a different starting monster. However, we're going to do some gem grinding before we record next session, so I'm not sure what gems we may have. Just toss out colors and descriptors (They're Wisdom, Holy, Beast, and Power, as a reminder) and if we get it, we'll try it.
FreezairForALimitedTime 2nd Dec 11
Hm... Having a hard choice between Dogu 1 and Fuwawa so I will just keep Fuwawa.

And either White Wisdom or Blue Beast. Hurray for alliteration!
Psyga315 3rd Dec 11 (edited by: Psyga315)
Oh, and I asked on the internet why ghosts are portrayed as licking things. When they lick people, it's usually to let people know they are there, particularly something that can give them the creeps.

As for licking things, they usually lick things they like. Cat Ghosts lick the oil used for a lampstand while Scum Ghost lick scum off bath tubs.
Psyga315 4th Dec 11
HI ENDERMAGE! And hahahahaha, keyboard stealing. XD

OMG TONGUE MONSTER THING. -brb, laughing ass off-

Not much in the way of running commentary on the battle this time; I'm just going to sit back and watch. :)

YAY TONGUE THING AGAIN! You two have so much fun with this, it looks like. :D Also, yay for irrelevant off-camera action!

The new rebellion umbrella! Now in "Occupy Chapter 4" style!

Bwahaha, the nerd is gonna get himself some. XD

As for names and evolutions? Mike, and green, because I'm feeling green right now. :)

lee4hmz 6th Dec 11