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Dance, my puppets, dance! Let's play Eternal Eyes! [Video! Audience Participation!]
Freezair For A Limited Time

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In this installment, we completely lose any semblance of dignity whilst fangirling/boying over one of the monsters in this stage of the forest. Swell!

By the way, guys, heads up: We need another name! You'll see why in the next installment, tomorrow. But yes, we're going to need one more name! Also, after the next installment, you'll get to pick the evolutions for our current puppets, so be sure to tune in!
9th Nov '11 12:31:12 PM flag for mods
Hm... To complete the MST 3 K theme naming, pick either Joel or Mike.
Psyga315 9th Nov 11
And no one will be happy with either choice. :P
FreezairForALimitedTime 9th Nov 11
Wait! Gypsy or Cambot! If we're keeping the Robot Roll Call theme in check.
Psyga315 9th Nov 11 (edited by: Psyga315)
A-ha! I love it! Good call.
FreezairForALimitedTime 10th Nov 11
FIREBUTTS! Damn, I love these pet names. And is it just me, or do the Planters look a bit like Gronk with a funny hat on? ^_^


Backing you up on purple being evil; my least-favorite character in Homestuck was associated with the color purple. :P

lee4hmz 11th Nov 11
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