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Do Gamers Dream of Pixelated Sheep?

For episode 37, G4 dug deep into their no-doubt awesome game closet and picked out some games for the dearly departed Sega Dreamcast. Did they pick out some of the best and most famous games for the system, like Sonic Adventure, Skies of Arcadia, and Resident Evil – Code: Veronica?

No. For some reason... that reason probably being, kusoge.

Timecode: 1:27: Team Land Ho! Presents Pen Pen TriIcelon, a weird cel-shaded racing game for the Dreamcast starring funny animal characters. The slightly cheap-looking intro shows off the cast, as described by an overly enthusiastic narrator:

  • “TINA! Cute! Every pen-pen's heartthrob.”
  • “Mr. BOW! Looking good today in that red headgear.”
  • “BACK!” (Possibly a mistranslation of “Buck”?) “Back is what we like to call nap-happy, but when he wakes up, WATCH OUT!”
  • “Sneak! What a clown! He battles everybody with his wacky style.”
  • “Jaw!” (Yes, a shark. In the game's arctic setting.) “Unstoppable and v-vicious! He's a k-killer! Just as ferocious as he looks!”
  • “Ballery!” (A mistranslation of “Valerie”? She's a hippo.) “This cutie loves flowers! See her charming white smile? Oh, don't you just love those teeth?!”
  • “SPARKY – always bursting with energy! He was born to run.”
  • “Hanamizu!” (This guy's name literally means, “water nose!” The narrator doesn't say anything about him but his name. Aside from that, all he does is hold up a sign that says, “Start soon!” They subtitle it in Japanese.)

Then, they show all of the characters running down the snowy trail to get to the starting line. “Welp, the pen-pens are just rarin' to splash, waddle, slide! They're gonna be burnin' up the ice today! The Pen Pen TriIcelon is about to begin!”

4:04: Now this is a weird one: Spawn: In the Demon's Hand, Capcom's attempt at a Dreamcast game based on the comic book. Todd McFarlane gets story credit.

The intro is fun because it has awesome butt rock played to odd-looking CGI of some of the comic's characters, including Spawn (duh), the Violator, Sam, and Twitch. At the very least, it's more humorous and lighthearted than the original comic, and especially the animated series. How else can you describe the sight of Violator trying to shoot Spawn in an alley with shoulder-mounted rockets, only for Spawn to stomp on his head as if he were a Goomba in retaliation? Intentionally silly or not, is another question entirely.

13:29: The Japanese broadcast ad for Chu Chu Rocket, the odd puzzle game for the Dreamcast where you had to guide cute little mice to safety. In this ad that resembles a black-and-white sketch, a cat eats the mice, only to explode when the mice escape in their rocket ship.

19:06: Cutscenes and gameplay from Zombie Revenge, a spinoff from House of the Dead and one of my personal favorite Dreamcast games. Being a part of the HotD franchise, it's not immune from the series' Narm. My favorite part is when the main guy, Stick Brightling, says "IT'S COMING OUT!" to the sight of a sickly Alien lookalike emerging from a capsule.


Oh yeah, that Spawn game... I think that was the only game in the whole franchise that actively did (online) multiplayer AND was the only game in the whole franchise in which its developers completely missed the point behind the series and made it a Quake III clone!
nomuru2d 21st Apr 12
Oh, so that explains the rockets, LOL.
BearyScary 22nd Apr 12