hnd03 pretends he's good at video games by drafting some characters in a Fire Emblem game

hnd 03

Chapter 32: Everyone Is Capable of Murdering Everything

Wil, Legault Vaida took the northern route around. Vaida, who was not carrying the Delphi Shield, ended up in a dangerous situation with the Snipers. She came out alright and manage to get some healing on the forts. Wil visited the village to recruit Renault. His weapons were quickly stripped. Not much later, Paladins, Cavaliers, and Pegasus Knights attacked Vaida and Wil while Legault forged on towards the boss. He tried to assassinate Limstella when Heath came along, but it turns out bosses halve the Silencer rate making his chance very low. I really should have realized that sooner.

On the other side, Priscilla, Eliwood, Heath, and Hector took the eastern route. Hector ended up lagging behind (guess what, he only has 5 move on promotion!). I tried to get Priscilla up to S Rank in Anima, but everyone chose to attack Legault instead despite the fact that he was more lethal and had more health. Not saying Priscilla wasn't a killer, Heath was just stronger. Priscilla visited the village and received the Talisman from Sophia. She and Heath would lead the way to Limstella while Eliwood stopped to take care of the spawning enemies and Hector lumbered his way up to the gate.

Once the way was pushed through, Priscilla attacked Limstella doing some heavy damage. Despite her being in range of Fimbulvetr, Limstella instead tried to hit Heath with Bolting unsuccessfully. Eventually the Sage was killed and Hector seized.

13 turns. Everyone is 20/20 except Hector who was 20/13.