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Table of Contents
hnd03 pretends he's good at video games by drafting some characters in a Fire Emblem game
by hnd03
Chapter 11 or Why Am I Such a Forgetful Git
Chapter 12: This Ain't So Bad1
Chapter 13: Christ That Was Hard
13X: Ugh! Stalemates
Chapter 14: Erik Doesn't Care For Old Dudes
Chapter 15: Things Really Didn't Go Anywhere1
Chapter 16: Why Am I So Slow
Chapter 17X: I Really Need to Stop Putting These Off By a Day
Chapter 18: Wil is the Star. It's Him.
Chapter 19: Eliwood Likes to Kill Things
Chapter 19X: I Could've Done It Faster
Chapter 20: Lyn Is A Bunch of Excess Baggage
Chapter 21: I Think Eliwood Has Been Poisoned For Like, Ever
Chapter 22: Why is the Boss the Odd One Out
Chapter 23: Pent is a Kill Stealing Asshole
Chapter 24: You Know What Are Awesome? Ballistae.
Chapter 25: You Know What Else Are Awesome? Wings.
Chapter 26: Finally, a Lord Has Been Promoted
Chapter 27: Bluh Bluh That Was Awful3
Chapter 28: Lady Luck is a Harsh Mistress2
Chapter 28X: If I'm Not Being Timed, I'm Going To Abuse That3
Chapter 29: Kill Kill Murder Die!
Chapter 30: I'm A Bit Lazy
Chapter 31: My Favorite Chapter
Chapter 31X: Who Wants To Go Shopping?
Chapter 32: Everyone Is Capable of Murdering Everything
Chapter 32X: Blink And You'll Miss It.
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