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Chapter 28X: If I'm Not Being Timed, I'm Going To Abuse That

No turn count for this one, yay! This one is also probably gonna be short, if only because I'm only able to use 9 fingers for a while and typing is taking long enough as is.

Eliwood, Hector, Nino, Legault, Priscilla, Jaffar, and Fiora carrying Matthew headed north. Heath went southeast, taking down the Sniper next to the Ballista, the Bolting mage (who was worth only 1 EXP), the Sage, and then reunited with the team after killing the Hero and Mercenary to the north. Wil just went south and met the Pegasus Knights that came his way. He moved north when the Wyverns started coming so as not to get surrounded and trapped for all eternity because they either would not hurt him, missed him entirely, or did extremely minor damage.

Eliwood, Hector and Legault to care of the Pirate and all of the cavalry that were in their way. Once they neared the Bishop, both Heath and Legault were Berserked, but Priscilla's Restore staff cured them. Legault then stole the Angelic Robe. When the Wyvern Lord from the east neared, Legault also stole his Blue Gem. It was at this point that things were starting to go to crap, Wyverns were constantly coming in, the Ballista archers from the eastern chests were trying to hit people, Sonia was casting Bolting and trying to kill people.

While the Lords, Wil, and Heath did their best to fight off the Wyverns, one got to Nino taking her to critical health and a Ballista finished off her last HP, causing her to retreat. While it was sad, I had come too far to let this end.

Once, the Wyverns were gone, Pirates and Pegasus Knights starting spawning in threes. Jaffar blocked the Pirates' from progressing further while Heath and Wil took down the Pegasi. Once the fliers were down, they focused their attentions on the Pirates until they were all dead.

Heath took down the Wyvern, Sniper, and Archers guarding the chests and Fiora dropped off Matt to steal from the chests, netting him Fenrir, Thor's Ire, and a Recover Staff. Legault went south following Eliwood and Hector who were protecting the chest from the rest of the Black Fang/Morphs. Legault opened it to get a Speedwing. Once everyone was finished off, Eliwood and Hector advanced towards Sonia, whom Eliwood defeated in two turns and received the Fell Contract.

Legault was promoted to Assassin with the Contract and everyone stood around to support. Eliwood and Hector have A supports while Heath as a C support with Legault and Priscilla.

When the chapter ended, I was depressed because Nino couldn't even accompany the group anymore while she recovered. It was sweet to see Jaffar would go with the group in her name though.

Turns don't matter.

Hector is level 20. Priscilla was promoted in the Preparations screen for Cog of Destiny so she is now 20/1. Legault is now 20/1. Heath is level 20/18. Eliwood is level 20/17. Wil is level 20/16.

Legault took the Robe while Priscilla took the Speedwings.


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Lol at title. Thanks for that; I wasn't sure if I should try to get supports, but now you did it first, so there's precedent!
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