hnd03 pretends he's good at video games by drafting some characters in a Fire Emblem game

hnd 03

Chapter 27: Bluh Bluh That Was Awful

I feel so dumb.

Eliwood and Hector moved towards the entrance of the building, Eliwood in front. When they breached the entrance, the two Knights blocked the General wasting time. Eventually, they moved to attack from the side on the other side of the wall. Eliwood brought him down.

Wil went up the alley north, bringing down Wyverns, but taking some attrition. His burdened was lightened somewhat by the Lords who met him after the snow stopped. Eliwood forged on, killing the Thief (I regret that decision in hindsight).

The rest of the group went east and through the locked door. Legault and Heath slogged through the enemies while Priscilla healed.

Once the met up, Legault unlocked the door to the chests and Eliwood and Heath took down Kenneth. Because Legault hadn't unlocked any of the chests, I waited a day and had him get the Talisman. Several days prior, Karel entered the map and killed the team of bow units to the west.

13 turns, unless Karel counts against me, in which case, 17 turns. That also brings up a question. Wallace is attacking from day one on Lloyd's chapter. Are we getting penalized, or is the fact that it's impossible to prevent make that null?

Hector is level 20. Eliwood is level 20/8. Heath is level 20/8. Wil is level 20/11. Legault is level 20. Priscilla is level 19. And ugh! I don't have any Fire tomes, just Thunder.


Green units don't penalize you, since they are beyond your control.
Alfric 26th Jul 11
Yeah; it's actually a possible strategy to let them stay neutral so they can kill stuff for you.

I haven't so far because Erk and Fiora would've just gotten slaughtered, but if I get Karel (major if 'cause I'll have Jerme's map) he might be able to do some good damage.
montagohalcyon 26th Jul 11
And, now that I've finished Kinship's Bond, I can also say that Neutral!Rath and his unit are pretty useful.
montagohalcyon 27th Jul 11