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Chapter 26: Finally, a Lord Has Been Promoted

Of course this had to be the run where I get a slow Priscilla.

Before the chapter began, Heath was promoted to Wyvern Lord. When the chapter begins proper, Pent gives Hector the Heaven Seal. Then, Eliwood receives it from Hector to promote to Knight Lord. Iron Lance in hand, he moves to the forts around the castle, taking down every Wyvern that came his way, but made sure he was out of Vaida's range.

Pent and Louise traded items and guarded Lyn from attack. Hector fought off the Mage and Shaman that attacked.

Once the Wyverns around the castle were down, Eliwood killed off the three Magic units to the northwest and moved to the middle with Hector.

Wil shot the Brigands around him and took down a couple of Wyverns that were moving north before returning to the middle pass.

Heath killed a Brigand and headed west to the village, destroying any enemy in his way and returned to Priscilla and Legault who were doing their best to not die.

Those two were in a mess until everyone met up and fought off the Wyverns that were attacking them until the time ran out.

12 turns.

Hector is level 20. Eliwood is level 20/5. Wil is level 20/10. Priscilla is level 18. Legault is level 20. Heath is level 20/4.