hnd03 pretends he's good at video games by drafting some characters in a Fire Emblem game

hnd 03

Chapter 25: You Know What Else Are Awesome? Wings.

Alfric, Xiphonii, I wish you both the best of luck on this chapter.

Heath proved to be an amazing asset to the team. He solo'd the pirates that guarded the southwestern castle with his Axereaver, and when that broke, he fought the lead Warrior with an Iron Lance, albeit one turn later than I had hoped because they both missed each other. On the enemy turn, the Warrior got a hit that left Heath at critical health but also killed in the counterattack. Heath took the castle.

The rest of the group made their way up the coast. Wil used the Ballista to shoot the Pegasus Knights out of the sky, kill off one of the Ballista riding Archers, and injure Pascal. Speaking of that monster, Pascal managed to double Wil, leaving him at critical health. His cavalry tried to finish the job, but they were unable to hit the Sniper. Hector killed Pascal with his Steel Axe.

Heath made his way back to Priscilla to get healed (when will they support!?) while Eliwood went back to Merlinus' tent. Not only to protect it, but to possibly get Heath an Elysian Whip by the end of the chapter because the Rider had reached Level 20. Sadly that never came true. The Rider and Thief plus the other two guys crushed the northwestern castle guards and Legault captured the fortress.

Farina flew around and tried to get Hector to buy her services. But damn it he's a Lord not a bank, woman! So she just sort of hung around while Heath flew to the next castle, killing both of the Archers that rode the Ballistae, and the Bishop guarding the final castle to the northeast. He took that one too. Go him.

11 turns.

Lords are level 20. Legault is level 20. Heath will promote in the Prep screen making him 20/1. Priscilla is level 16.