God Digs Giant Robots: Let's Play Xenogears!

Shield Of Doom

Nortune Exploration

As long as I still live, I shall once more update this!

Last time, if you'll remember, Fei became the champion of his second tournament. Rico Bob Johnson (oh, wait...) disappeared under very suspicious circumstances in a subsequent battle.

Fei has to go see the Kaiser at some point, but for now we've got some free time to check out the city.

As I try to leave the bar Fei's new room is in, the owner stops me to say that Hammer wanted to see me in the Widcat bar in the civilian part of the city.

First, though, I check out the food in the mess hall. Being the champion, I can eat whatever the heck I want to, so I eat one Nortuna Fish, which is supposedly a local delicacy.

Also, B-Info now offers full price for anything I sell them and will let me sell "rare" items.

I then head into the sewers to learn some more Deathblows.
  • Fei:
    • Tenbu: Triangle, Square, X. Fei elbows his target, kicks them into the air, then jumps up and kicks them down to the ground. Do note that Citan was basically doing this with a more elaborate animation for his first Deathblow.
  • Citan:
    • Shinrai: Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, X. Citan stands around looking smug while some illusions strike his target, then he punches and kicks the target a bit.

My fighting also gained me a couple of levels, but the only new Ethers I got were ones Citan was supposed to learn at level 25 (but he couldn't because you can only learn one Ether per fight). He now has Fuusei, Chisei, Kasei, and Suisei, which grant wind, earth, fire, and water resistance, respectively. They all cost 4 EP.

At any rate, I can actually leave D Block! I head to the civilian area, A Block. There isn't much of interest here. I can, however, check out the shops. They just have the same stuff that Hammer sold in D Block, though, and the item shop has an annoying assistant who keeps saying stuff, preventing me from advancing my conversation with the actual shopkeeper until his unskippable remarks disappear from the screen.

I also encounter Big Joe, who has somehow crossed the border. He cons me out of 5000 golds, which would be a bigger deal if I didn't have over 20000.

I then head for the central government building, which is built inside a big pink pointy thing that looks very out of place on the map here. After the guards lead me in, Rico Blast Thickneck enters, deciding that the best way to enter would be through the air vents.

How dis he even get here with his bomb collar on?

A guard tells me to take the elevator to reach the Kaiser's place, but I'm not about to do that. Instead, I head through some doors to a warehouse, where I find an Insulated AR (Gear equipment that raises Defense by 10 and reduces electricity damage by 30%). I also move a crane around some obstacles so I can use it as a stepping stone to get to a chest with a Power Magic. This Gear item raises the EthAmp of whatever Gear you equip it on by 8 and is vital to a rather gamebreaking thing you can do.

I can also check out the war room, which has a picture of a big propeller-driven flying wing in it. One soldier calls it the Goliath and claims that its completion will see Kislev rule the world. Right.

After taking the elevator, I ignore the path that will take me to the kaiser, instead taking a look at the palace's...bridge? That's not unusual at all.

Other than that, I can't go anywhere except the kaiser's room, which is at the top of a huge staircase. He's playing his organ, and the music stops when I approach him. Kaiser Sigmund introduces himself to Fei and asks him to join the Kislev army. Rico Crunch Buttsteak then falls out of the sky, causing Sigmund to freak out. Rico Slab Squatthrust then runs off to the kaiser's wife's room, which he has guards at despite the fact that only himself and his wife can open it.

At this point, Rico opens the door, indirectly revealing his identity. He then realizes that he's been in this room before, leading right into a flashback.

We see several scene swith young Rico and his mother, who raised him alone until she died of illness. As Rico considers this, Fei approaches and requests that he open the door. He calls Rico out on sneaking into the central district, then I have control. I examine a mirror and find the MomentoChain, which Rico can equip to get 6 Ether and 6 EthDef. This replaces the Gallant Belt.

Once I leave the room, Kaiser Gendo Sigmund is waiting for us. He writes Rico Lump Beefbroth being able to open the door as a glitch, then has him arrested. He then leaves on some unexpected business, which gives me an opportunity to return to his room and steal some Knight Mail, which is better than the Iron Mail Citan was already wearing. I can also examine his metronome, which lets me play a pointless minigame where I try to stop it exactly at the center. Doing this gets me money, with bonuses for doing it multiple times in a row, but the payoff is too little to be worth it.

As I leave the central district, Citan suggests we go meet up with Hammer. This happens automatically, so I can't put it off.

In A Block, Hammer actually heads right up to me, having found my Gear. Fei decides to find a better place to talk, so we head up to a balcony. Hammer then explains that Weltall is in a dock under D Block, and there are two paths to it. One of them goes through the Battling arena, which isn't a path we can take. The other one, though, involves hitching a ride on a supply train. Fei asks Hammer to get the times for the supply trains, and we're on our own until then.

I then proceed to jump into a chimney that I can reach from the balcony, which leads into the home of the old D Block doctor. She explains that there are enough doctors in A Block to deal with things normally, so unless something big happens, she's on standby. Fei asks her to look after D Block once we leave, and she agrees to that.

This is where I will leave you for now. Next time, we'll get Weltall back.


Sewers and air vents? They're not leaving any breaking and entering stone unturned!
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