RED-HOT GLOBIN! Let's Play M&L: Bowser's Inside Story!

Endark Culi

Commence the search for the electric bzzzt!

Good evening, folks…if you’re reading this in the evening, that is. This’ll be a 5–paragraph update; I had a Chem. Test earlier today, and I spent a lot of gaming time studying for it. But I didn’t want to leave you guys in the dark about what I did in the little time I got! By the way, did you know that I’ve written about 10,000 words in this Let’s Play so far? The more you know…

So, after getting a couple of items from nearby ? Blocks (one of which is a Retry Clock), I run into an Emoglobin and three pipe-ish things in the ground. The Emoglobin tells me that it wishes it could go down the pipes. I try to do what it cannot, but I can’t go down either; I’m assuming it’s because of the whole underwater thing. I progress onwards a bit, and battle a couple of Bubble Bloopers, alongside a couple of Goombules and Spiny Drops. The Bubble Bloopers can float up, land in front of a Bro., and plow into him, OR take a giant leap, bounce in front of a Bro., and then try to land on them. It’s a bit tricky to get the timing right. Mario levels up, and gets a +3 to Pow on my first try.

In the next room, we immediately find a Special Attack Piece! 9 more to go! Also, Luigi levels up on the next enemy, and gets a +3 to Stache…not at first, though; I went back and saved after Mario levelled up, and I retried a few times for good stats. The first two tries were both +1, so could you really blame me? Back to the game, I notice some nerves begging to be thwacked, but there are barricades in the way. Thankfully, these things are just like the one at the beginning of the area, which sealed off the path back the way I came from after Bowser stopped drinking. I press the X button to get Bowser to spit out the water, causing these barricades to lower. Long story short, I reveal an orange pipe.

Before I continue onwards, I go back to the last room, using the lower exit. I grab a couple of items, open the path to the top of the room (the part I first entered from), and try to go down the pipes again for the lulz. I’m a bit surprised that, when I try to go down the orange pipe, it now works! My instincts say that this probably has to do with what I accomplished in the other room. It leads me to a room with a single block; I hit it, and four blocks appear on top of it, making a column of five. Briefly, from bottom to top, I see the letters “MLMML”; the letters then disappear, leaving a basic brick pattern. It doesn’t take a genius to figure this out, so I hit the bottom block with Mario, causing it to bust. The next block gets a hit Luigi, followed by two more Mario strikes, and then a second Luigi hit. This last one nets me another Special Attack Piece! Just 8 more to go and the Bros. will be able to access TWO Special Moves! …While Bowser still can’t access a single one…

Back in the room with the nerves, I take the orange pipe, and find the following: an Emoglobin, a door surrounded by a giant string of DNA, and a Save Point. The Emoglobin says, and I directly quote: “All things lead to globin…O precious DNA-ish door I see! Even doors have hearts. Yours cries for what goes bzzzt…Find it! Find the electric bzzzt! Reunite it with this lonely door! Oh, I must cry out! GLOBIN! The globin of it all!” …Yeah. By the way, the ‘bzzzt’-s were highlighted in blue. So, next time I play, I know what I must do: hook this DNA up to some kinda electrical current! …Wait a second. Lightning and water don’t mix well…I sense another Mushroom-Kingdom brand logic hole in the next update…

Mario: Lv. 4, 23/33 HP, 1/14 SP, 29 Pow, 35 Def, 22 Spd, 26 Stache

Luigi: Lv. 4, 23/41 HP, 1/12 SP, 22 Pow, 47 Def, 18 Spd, 41 Stache


...And that's as much as I could recover. I also remember posting my thoughts on the different statistics, in which I judged everything other than Speed is important in some way or another, but that's as much content as I've got. So...seeya later, hopefully!


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