When Worlds Collide: Another Liveblog of a Pooh's Adventure episode

Psyga 315

Part Extra: Dive Into The Abyss

Hello, Psyga315 here. I know, Iím done, but to tell you something, we kind of arenít done. See, if you noticed, I showed little snippets of a comment story during the Liveblog, and well, Iím gonna liveblog it. Just to make up for the stupidity I had to endure. So, letís do it!


So after a couple of comments saying that this isnít the movie theyíre looking for (Move along) we finally find the start of our story. It starts out kind of the same, with Max looking at the strange reading, only he is joined by Quinn, who few (If any) would recognize as the Ventarian Sting. Meanwhile, the Mystery Gang is followed by a flying fortress, containing the Denshi Sentai Denziman.

Red and Pink land their Denzi Tiger next to the crashed Mystery Machine, as Quinn joins the others. Red is quick to discover that Scooby talks, making Francineís comment near the end all the more stupid. Anyways, Yellow tells Red (named Ippei) that itís like how their dog can talk. Yeah, they have a dog for a mentor. Moving on, Quinn makes his appearance known. Now one would wonder why Quinn just left SALF without being noticed. Then you realize that this is SALF-tachi weíre talking about. These are the same people who are dumb enough to wish for cows to steal as opposed to stealing other peopleís cows. Well, that and they didnít want their cover blown I suppose. So Quinn tells the Denzimen that he is a protector of the worlds. Anyways, Pooh appears and the Denzimen introduce themselves in the usual manner. Quinn also introduces himself, but Fred decides that this isnít the time for introductions. You know, stick him in with the Shell Louge Squad and half of the introduction scenes might be cut in half. So then the group leave while Shaggy, Scooby, Tennessee, Chumley, and Quinn guard the van. After the fight over the snack, the jackalope comes and takes it. Scooby and Shaggy chase it while Quinn becomes a Kamen Rider. Now, Iím not sure when itís a good time to transform, but Iím pretty sure that to chase a rabbit is not one of those times. You know when it is a good time? When aliens attack. Which is what happens. So the scene where Quinn uses his Copy Vent comes up in which they copy a bike from the aliens and skedaddle to the diner.

So the talk about aliens ensue as Quinn and the Denzimen join the conversation. Nothing important in this part happens. Lester still talks about how he was probed or how he had metal pipes shoved in him. Oh, but Kiyama (Denzi Yellow) said that the aliens sound like a research team. Foreshadowing, unintentional comment, or reading the script: you decide!

So everyone is invited to go to Lesterís clown house where Lester talks about how no one believes his story about the aliens. Well, save for Buster, who is an alien lover, and the Denzimen, who have their technology granted to them by aliens. So anyways, Lester plays ďplace every guest in a roomĒ on a harder difficulty, as he places Akira with the girls, Kiyama and Daigoro with the boys, and Tatsuya, Quinn, and Ippei with Shaggy and Scooby. They get abducted by the aliens for interrogation and a fight begins soon after. Itís pretty much Quinn uses a whip (no, really) and Ippei uses his Power Fists to fight, but the Aliens pretty much pwn them with a tag attack punch.

They wake up to meet Crystal and Amber, and they take them back to the diner where the group sans Quinn, Ippei, Tatsuya, Shaggy, and Scooby are. The latter group return to tell them that aliens did indeed abducted them. Then Shaggy and Scooby start singing. Oh boy, here we go...

Thankfully, Tennessee managed to save my ears again. They go to the gas station to get the van fixed and meet up with Max as Quinn suggests that he gives him a tour. Buster joins with Amber and the others because heís related to Jackalopes. Well, at least that point was brought up. This is where Tsukasa joins in, though personally, I think he should have been a mysterious person who at the end is revealed to be Tsukasa. But I like it nevertheless. Anyways, the guys enter SALF as they talk more about alien invaders.

And part eight is blocked due to copyright infringement. ONORE YOUTUBE! What bugs me is why they didnít remove the other parts. I mean, itís blatant that they say part eight. Part eleven, the really stupid part, is also blocked. Half of the videos are blocked. It sort of puts me in an odd perspective on the future of my Poohís Adventures liveblogs. I guess you can also add this to a list of reasons why I retired from doing them.

I might as well end the liveblog here, because I donít really want to feel lost. Skimming it through, there are some pretty decent fight scenes. Decade Rider Kicks Jafar into the pit where he will never bother anyone again. Everyone goes their separate ways and Tsukasa has a conversation with Ryou Setsuhara about Malificentís return and the return of the heartless. And thatís pretty much it.

I liked the comment story, but again, the lack of two parts really knocks this down so I canít really give it a full review. Had I reviewed the Poohís Adventures today, I probably would have given up on it as well. I apologize for the abridgment. Well, this is Psyga315, signing off... again.