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Carnage: Part Two

One thing that strikes me is how much more narration there is in this book than I'm used to. So the issue starts off with Spider-Man flying to the island with the Human Torch. He's brought Torch and a sonic gun, makes sense since the two weaknesses of the Symbiote is fire and sonic attacks.

They walk up on Brock who's pissed that spider-man's alive. Fighting ensues and the sonic gun lasts 2 panels then Venom smashes it. Torch tries to contain him in fire, Venom nearly drowns him for it (makes more sense on the page) Torch manages to ignite enough underwater to get free from Venom. Spidey tries to draw Venom off to give Johnny a chance to recover.

So the suit that Venom has can change to look like any clothing, or go completely invisible it seems. Using this ability Venom totally fucking blindsides Spider-man. Just as Venom is about to drop a bulldozer on Spider-Man Torch hits him with the sonic beam from their hover car...

...The tech in comics is weird...

ANYWAY, the bulldozer disappears and doesn't crush spider-man. While Brock is weakened Spider-man gives him the 4-11 and once he realizes that innocents are in danger Venom is all "talk to us we'll help".

Next we see douchie-mcbusinessman, complete with balding pony tail. His security is getting thrown through the door. He opens fire on Carnage and lowers a giant bullet proof bubble over his desk and bolts out the door to his elevator. Dude's rich. Carnage rips through the glass and grabs the Copter tossing it off the building so it explodes.

More exposition that Carnage likes Chaos. I guess they're trying to make it so you're not totally lost if you picked up issue 1.

Venom and Spider-man make a deal.

I like this effect for having the symbiote spread out from his tear ducts and nose. I like it more than just having it slide up the face. Printing error? I have no idea why that green is there.

So the Deal is that if Venom helps he goes free, Spider-man agrees.

Carnage goes back to a murder scene that hasn't been discovered, Carnage exposits his character more before getting pissed off and shooting red stuff into a news paper then going to make a sandwich. I like that sandwich touch. We also get a hint at who his next target will be since he's bitching about the media.

There's a neat moment of Venom talking to Johnny who's being seriously weirded out by Venom, kinda works because Venom's being all friendly and it's creeping Johnny out. Conveniently Torch gets an emergency signal from the Fantastic Four so he can't stay and help with his mega Sonic gun and fire powers. I guess the plot demanded it but still feels forced.

Venom and Spider-man double team Carnage. Carnage is kicking both their asses then steals a baby. The baby is tossed off the building, venom saves it by shooting a web at it while falling. So... I guess that would kinda work. If he's falling at near the same speed as the baby hits it with the webbing and slowly pulled the baby in... yeah I'm gonna stop with the physics.

One kinda nice bit is Venom playing with the kid while they go over the apartment, he's dangling a tendril of the suit for the baby which thinks it's fun to play with.


So this was kinda fun issue, a lot of action and the story is moving at a fast pace. The Human Torch getting pulled away did feel contrived but it's forgivable I guess. The story was a bit over blunt in how it was told. Especially in terms of character and motivation. At least the motivation makes some sense as compared to fortunate son. Kasady was a fucked up kid who didn't trust order justice or anything and just wants chaos and the power of being the aggressor. The downside to a quick plot is that this character isn't built up at a good pace. What would have been better is to do a story of Spider-man dealing with an unpowered Kasady tracking down this savage killer who used blades or what ever and finding him. Then when we get to this story Carnage was set up over a 3 issue mystery a year ago. Then we'd only need recap and we'd be able to get to the plot.


Venom playing with a baby is a funny mental image.
melloncollie 6th Feb 11