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It's Definitely Wrong

Episode Six - It's Definitely Wrong

Start with the last few seconds of episode five. Madoka is surprised to see Homura, and Kyouko and Sayaka are surprised in general, though they recover swiftly. Sayaka attempts to attack Kyouko, but Homura knocks her out

There's some conversation after the fight. Homura (surprise) knows who Kyouko is despite apparently never having met her before. Homura claims that she's on the side of the calm and against people who fight without reason. Then Homura yells at Madoka a bit for considering making the contract. Homura leaves, Kyuubey makes a blatant attempt to turn Madoka against her, and indicates he has some idea of Homura's origin

This entire sequence was rather poorly drawn. I hope someone got their pay docked for this

Anyway, off to the opening. Once again slight changes were made

Off to Sayaka's place. She's charging her Soul Gem with what [['s_seed.jpg appears to be Elly/Kirsten's Grief Seed]]. Sayaka has apparently reached the limit of what the Grief Seed can hold without running the risk of the witch reviving. So Kyuubey eats it, with the mark on his back being a second mouth of sorts. This is really damn creepy and evidence that they want us to suspicious of Kyuubey

Continuing on, Kyuubey makes some blatant attempts to get Sayaka to farm Grief Seeds, by playing to her hatred of Kyouko. We learn that use of magic causes Soul Gems to dirty (faster?). Some confirmation that Sayaka is the weakest Magical Girl seen yet, and more attempts from Kyuubey to get Madoka to make a contract, this time by manipulating Sayaka. Fortunately, Sayaka rejects the idea

We move to Kyouko in an arcade, playing Dog Drug Reinforcement. to an instrumental mix of the OP. Homura appears and makes her an offer: Homura will keep Sayaka away from Kyouko using (preferably) non-violent means and Kyouko won't go after Sayaka. Afterward, if Kyouko wins Walpurgisnacht (which is coming in a week), Homura will leave the city to her. Apparently Homura will also help Kyouko with said winning. No information on what Walpurgisnacht is is given, though it takes it's name from a celebration of witches in German folklore

We move to a poorly lit alley. Madoka comes across Sayaka and Kyuubey. Madoka wants Sayaka to stop doing things likely to get her killed. Sayaka, however, has gone completely Knight Templar, and plans to kill witches, familiars, and evil people (which includes Homura)

So, we move to a late night conversation between Madoka and her mom. Bluh. Another long conversation that's hard to recap without quoting. The gist of it: Madoka thinks that Sayaka is generally doing the right thing, but ruining her life by doing so. Her mom recommends that she make Sayaka's 'mistakes' for her. This will be unpleasant all around, but better than the alternative, and, being kids, they'll be able to bounce back

Off to the hospital. Turns out Kamijou got released and didn't tell Sayaka

Off to Kamijou's place! Sayaka stands around listening for a bit, but decides not to bother him. Then she notices Kyouko watching when she (Sayaka) starts to leave. Kyouko mocks Sayaka's wish, again noting that it never works to wish for another person's sake. Sayaka gets pissed off and decides to fight, though not enough to immediately attack, so they relocate to somewhere others won't get involved, which turns out to be a bridge over a highway

Not that it helps, as Kyuubey fetches Madoka, and avoiding Homura is basically impossible. Homura tries to stop the fight her own way, but Sayaka is still angry and makes to transform. So Madoka stops her by throwing her Soul Gem off the bridge, where it lands on the back of a truck. Homura is shocked and immediately disappears. As in, literally disappears. There one frame, gone the next

Sayaka briefly yells at Madoka before collapsing. Kyouko confirms that Sayaka is dead, and we see Homura Flash Stepping after the truck. Kyouko forces an explanation out of Kyuubey while Homura retrieves Sayaka's Soul Gem: 'Soul Gem' is quite literal; their bodies can be completely destroyed without it being serious as long as the Soul Gem is intact and within 100 meters or so. So, Homura successfully brings back Sayaka's Soul Gem while Madoka is busy crying and Kyouko is busy being angry. Sayaka revives and has no idea what happened

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