Everybody gets punched: A Zeta Gundam liveblog

Pata Hikari

Episode 2: Departure

So the episode starts with Team Quattro blowing a hole in the space colony. Followed by Quattro feeling Kamille's breathing with more Space Magic.

Wait. Blowing a hole in a Space Colony? Isn't that dangerous? I guess not that dangerous, at the very least not enough to cause instant disaster.

Meanwhile, Kamille is back at the military building. "I can't forgive those soldiers" Oh boy, I have a feeling he's going to do something stupid, again.

So Team Quattro is going to steal a Gundam.

We learn the name of the pilot that crashed, Jerid, we also learn that he's an arrogant idiot. Emma, a fellow Titan, seems to possess common sense, and berates Jerid for flying a Mobile Suit so close to civilians. Jerid, being an arrogant idiot, blows her off.

I'm noticing a theme here. Women = Possessing common sense. Men = Ignore their advice and get in trouble.

Oh snap! G Ms are attacking Team Quattro! Action scene ensues. Naturally, the G Ms end up blown to bits. This trio is just that good.

Rumors of the Red Comet, it seems, have reached the top brass, which makes sense. Who else pilots red Mobile Suits? And interestingly enough, these models are unknown to the Federation, which means that the A.E.U.G has the capacity to build Mobile Suits. They're much bigger then some small resistance group.

More Mooks get blown up. And the show drives the point that the guy is just like the Red Comet.

Kamille's girlfriend, Fa, is evacuating, and Team Quattro finally gets ready to capture the Gundam Mk II.

And we learn that people in space do not like the Titans.

Back to Kamille! The guards let him past into the base because, apparently, his dad works on the base.

And, of course...

Kamille jumps into a Gundam, to get revenge on the solider who was a dick to him. That's right folks. This is like if I stole a tank to scare a bully. I have to admit, as stupid as he acts, he does it with style.

So Team Quattro shows up. Kamille ignores this, and goes off to get his petty teenager revenge. Who'sLaughingNow? Kamille that's who!

And so Kamille decides to defect to Team Quattro, a wise choice, considering that they're the only non Red Shirts in the show so far.

Mission Success! With not one, but two shiny new Gundams!

Oh,and Kamille's house get's smashed by Mobile Suits, and Fa nearly does too. Kamille leaves both behind, ready to join the A.E.U.G.

Back with the Titans, Bright is annoyed at the situation. After all, why is the Gundam being tested so close to residential areas?

The boss, Captain Bask's response? Punch Bright in the face! Wait, What? Bask, this is one of the freaking heroes from the One Year War. This guy is more competent them you'll ever be.

Bask rants about how important the Titans are and blah blah blah. Oh, and their bigots. You have to think about the "native Spacenoids" Bask, because otherwise all you get is encouraging rebellion. Kind of like what Kamille did.

And just to prove how evil the Titans are every solider except for Emma, who has previously shown to have common sense and morals, beats up Bright for no reason.

This show is not one for subtlety, I've noticed.

Team Quattro makes it back into space!

Kamille has left home at last, and his adventure starts here.

With Zakus attacking!

Oh hey, Jerid's here, maybe he'll get blown up.

Nope, all that happens is his leg get's blown off. Darn.

And hey, here's a subtle scene. There's a small leak in Kamille's cockpit, so he pulls out a handkerchief and lets go of it. It gets sucked to, and covers the leak. Showing that, when he's not being a hot headed idiot, he can be smart.

Next Episode: The Titans are even more evil!

The second episode has a little action to it. And firmly establishes the Titans as cartoonishly evil. The fact that Jerid survived an encounter with Quattro tells me he's going to live a long time, isn't he.

Slap Count: 1

Punch Count: 5