Let's Crazy Awesome it up: Codex Alera


Chapter 4

Time to learn more about Isana; as I expected she’s the watercrafter, and can use it to see anywhere. Beritte’s a servant in the house, and just as much The Libby as we could figure. But Isana gets the book’s first real Crowning Moment of Awesome when she sends a kitchen-full of boiling water at her and forces her to run. Even if it was caused by her empathically picking up Beritte’s feelings, a side effect of watercrafting that really makes it Blessed with Suck. And on top of that, she doesn’t even know what she really looks like, as any reflection just shows her as she looked when she first got the power.

Then there’s much, much more that firmly makes her The Woobie, until outside Kord starts an argument with Warner, the father of the girl his son raped. And Isana gets to suffer some more on all those negative emotions. Kord quickly goes into Complete Monster territory, along with his son Bittan, but that just gives Isana another CMOA as she boils his blood, followed by getting both of them to back off in front of the whole village, using Kord’s own emotions to stand up to him.

Isana gets a lamed, retarded slave named Fade to tell her if Kord or his sons leave the room in the barn they’ve been relegated to. This is not likely to end well.


I hope that you will continue with this, though managing a post per chapter may be too much work for a 6-volume series.
hollow49 15th Jan 11